Big Bully Busick

Big Bully Busick

Ah, the good old days. Good old early 90’s WWF, when everyone had a silly gimmick (and those who didn’t were jobbers). As the 90’s wore on, you could tell that Vince was running out of ideas. I mean, come on…a wrestling monk? A bad man from Finland? The well was certainly running dry.

So it should come as no shock that once Vince ran out of gimmicks from today that he would turn to yesteryear for inspiration. And thus, WrestleCrap proudly gives you Big Bully Busick. Bedecked in a derby and looking not like he just got done with a round of fisticuffs with Sailor Tom Sharkey.

Paired up with perennial loser Harvey Wippleman, Bully rarely spoke. After listenting to this clip, you’ll understand why the WWF had Wippleman do most of his talking. Note to any aspiring wrestlers: if you’re worse on the stick than Harvey Freakin’ Whippleman, find another occupation.

To his credit, Busick did have a pretty cool finishing maneuver – the ol’ Stump Puller. It really did look like something that a bully would do to punish some weakling (after kicking sand in their face, of course).

Probably the most notable item about Busick was his signature handlebar moustache. Heck, even bearded wonder Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart made fun of his facial hair.

Note to any aspiring wrestlers: if your most notable attribute is your facial hair, find another occupation.

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