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Note: Due to some suspicious Slammy-esque stuffing of the ballot box in this year’s Gooker Award poll, Wrestlecrap will be awarding the prize to the top two vote-getters. Next week will see the induction of Vince McMahon’s brass-ring fiasco, but this week we present WWE’s Nikki vs. Brie Bella feud, the co-winner of the 2014 Gooker Award.

Just as I do for the Blizzard of 2015, the collapse of the Russian ruble, and Eva Marie, I blame Total Divas for this one.

Before the E! Network reality show came along to inform viewers that the Bella Twins were not only ring veterans but the bona fide stars of WWE programming, the possibility of a Bella vs. Bella feud was unthinkable, if only for the fact that no one could tell the two apart.


It’s the same reason that in the case of the Usos, WWE has never implemented the standard practice of abruptly breaking the team up, having them feud, then releasing whomever got over the least, as they’ve done for nearly every tag team from The Rockers to the Hart Dynasty. If they hadn’t been twins, they would never have survived the longest dues-paying period for a team in WWE history to win the tag titles.


But WWE doesn’t have a Divas’ Tag Title…


(and thank heaven and total fan disinterest for that)

…so when when WWE saw that Total Divas was actually portraying Brie and Nikki Bella as two individuals with distinct personalities…


(as opposed to one individual with an indistinct personality)

…there was no stopping Creative from splitting the pair up and pitting them against one another in wrestling’s worst angle of 2014.


After all, Total Divas had allowed fans to finally distinguish one twin from the other.


Well, not *just* Total Divas, but the show helped.

For the uninitiated, here’s a mnemonic device: Nikki looks more like a porn star; she’s the girlfriend of Mr. Hustler, Loyalty, and Respect, John Cena. Cena does the AA, and Nikki got the DDs. bella08 
bella09 Brie, on the other hand, is the one with no meat on her bones; she’s the vegan Daniel Bryan’s wife.
As far as personality goes, Nikki is always crassly talking about her boobs and vagina. Brie, on the other hand, is more down-to-earth, except when she drinks and goes into “Brie Mode,” where she’s loud, loose, and obnoxious. Come to think of it, it should be called, “Nikki Mode.” bella10 

“The Implant Buster” and the “Giant Swing” were already taken.

Also — and you can’t make this stuff up — Nikki, the one with the boob job, has a finisher called “The Rack Attack.”
Now that the Universe was up to speed on who was who…
Oxford Kama

“Who was whom.”

bella13 …WWE could now have the two twins come to blows, which they did…
…at Wrestlemania 30, following a staredown that produced the worst pop since the WWE Originals CD (note to self: induct the WWE Originals CD). bella14
bella15  This should have been the first sign that a Brie vs. Nikki feud would not pan out. Instead, undaunted by the total lack of enthusiasm toward a Bella vs. Bella feud, WWE Creative pressed on and pulled the trigger at Summerslam.
Piggy-backing on the Brie-Stephanie feud, which many fans actually gave a hoot about, the Bella feud kicked off when Nikki decked her sister, costing her the match to the hated boss. bella16 
bella17 Nikki, you see, resented the fact that Brie had quit months earlier, leading to Nikki being punished by The Authority in Brie’s place.
With no real possibility of great matches springing from this angle, WWE needed to work some real magic with the promos to generate interest in the inevitable blow-off match.
bella19  Instead, Nikki’s unconvincing promos centered on the unseen (and uninteresting) family drama brewing between the two, we were told, for three decades. Brie had always mistreated poor Nikki. Why, Brie had been trying to hog the spotlight since before the Bellas were even born. Now Nikki was finally tired of “playing second fiddle to a sister that never gave a damn” about her.
“Yes I do!” pouted Brie (who was no doubt also distraught over the mysterious disappearance of her backbone, having stood up to the boss-lady all that summer). To which Nikki responded with faux-pouting and sarcastic baby talk about how Brie was “everyone’s favorite Bella Twin.” Never mind that, for most of their careers, the question of “Who’s your favorite Bella Twin?” was akin to asking, “What’s your favorite turnbuckle?” bella20 
bella21 And you know what? The first sentence of this paragraph was apparently a verbal tic that Nikki used to start every sentence in her promos.
It wasn’t long before things turned physical. Okay, it was extremely long before things turned physical, as anyone who sat through their many ten-minute segments could attest, but eventually, Nikki took out her frustrations with some of the most vicious arm-flailing and hair-pulling fans had seen in years. bella22 
bella23  Ironically, contrary to what Jerry Lawler may have had in mind, he would end up having to pull Nikki off instead of vice versa.
As Lawler proved a bit too dedicated to separating the Bella Twins, a chant of “Jerry! Jerry!” broke out. Wouldn’t it be funny, the viewer no doubt thought, if they got Jerry Springer to settle this dispute instead of Jerry Lawler? And then the viewer chuckled once or twice before wondering whether Monday Night Football was on. (Unfortunately, it wasn’t)
bella25  And so Nikki continued to antagonize her sister, while Brie week after week refused to fight her own flesh and blood. It was reminiscent of the first Kane vs. Undertaker feud, except instead of comically fake lightning bolts, we got comically fake t-…
…tears. And plenty of them, too, as Brie turned on the waterworks for most of her time on screen, spilling enough saline over Nikki to fill a pair of breast implants (See? There was a boob-job joke coming, after all). She offered up practically no resistance to Nikki, who berated her with delightful lines like, “You were the reason Dad left us” and, of course, the immortal “I wish you had died in the womb!  bella26
bella27  Horrendous acting aside, there is no way to say the word, “womb” without sounding silly. Now, if Nikki had said she wished Brie would die in a car accident, then she wouldn’t have sounded silly. Just crazy.
“I have no sister!” yelled Nikki on more than one occasion. If that’s the case, shouldn’t she have been concerned that a stranger who looked almost exactly like her was working for the same company? I guess that’s why Nikki wanted Brie to quit, no matter how insincere she may have sounded. bella28 
bella29  After the brouhaha with Jerry Lawler, Nikki was given a platform to tell the fans about the real Brie Bella in a series of laughable vignettes called, “Growing Up Bella.”
Before commercial breaks, Nikki would talk to the camera about one rotten thing Brie did to her after another. There was the time Brie stole her sister’s driver’s license, crashed a car, and blamed it on Nikki. bella30 
bella31 Then there was the time Brie got Nikki to take her final exams for her in high school.
And perhaps worst of all, there was the time Brie stole Nikki’s date on prom night (presumably after Nikki had already cheated for her on the exams). At least the guy had a built-in excuse: “Honestly, I thought she was you! I didn’t even know you had a twin sister!” bella32 
bella33 And about all of these travesties, Nikki had never told anyone.
The next week, Jerry Springer hosted a special segment aimed at settling the dispute between the Bellas. Also, Monday Night Football premiered. bella34
bella35  Along with taped messages from the Bellas’ parents, during the fifteen-minute segment Jerry brought out the twins’ brother, JJ, who Brie said was on her side. But surprise, surprise, JJ had actually sided with Nikki, telling Brie to stop playing the victim! But double surprise, surprise (surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise), JJ really blamed Nikki after all!
Soon, both Bellas were exchanging wild slap attempts, “accidentally” knocking over Jerry Springer… bella36
bella37 …and “accidentally” striking their own brother.
Next came the big catfight spot, where the Twins were supposed to roll around the ring and steamroll Jerry Springer. Instead, in a metaphor for this whole angle, they failed to get over. bella38
bella39 Stephanie McMahon, who had consistently outshined both Bellas in the acting department throughout this whole feud, then joined the fray to try to salvage the spot before the Bella Twins once again tried — and failed — to roll over the talk show host.
Jerry and Stephanie both corpsed on camera as the announcers tried to convey the gravity of the situation, which left Springer injured and having to be carried off on a stretcher. bella40 
bella42 As the feud trudged on, the acting never got better, but the promos somehow got even more laughable. Instead of Nikki discussing which Bella Twin should have died before birth (Fetus? She hardly knows us!), the embarrassing verbal exchanges now centered on the Bella name.
Nikki told Brie that she was “an embarrassment to the name Bella” and that she should stop calling herself Brie “Bella,” as if “Bella” were their family name. bella44b
bella43 So I guess that was their brother “JJ Bella” we saw a couple weeks back? Jerry Springer seemed to think so.
And those two different last names their parents had, neither of which were “Bella”? Those must have been typos or something. bella44a
bella45 At least one positive to come from this whole feuding-twins business was that we got a nifty new song out of it. Then again, the same could be said for the Kent State massacre.
After two months of husky-voiced bickering and so very, very much crying bella26
bella47  …the feud finally led to a one-on-one contest at Hell in a Cell, where Brie and Nikki duked it out in a match where the loser would have to be the winner’s personal assistant for thirty days. Babyfaces do not have a great track record in these kinds of matches, so naturally Brie lost to Nikki…
…leading to such shenanigans as the evil twin making her new servant fetch a smoothie, only to pour it over Brie’s head… bella48
bella49 …or making the newly-dubbed “Cinderbella” (the name didn’t stick) serve her tea while wearing white butler gloves.
These kinds of humiliating chores led JBL, never an expert on comic books, to note that Bruce Wayne had to do everything that Batman told him to do. Wait, so this whole time Nikki was just Brie in disguise? bella50
bella51 Nikki even had Brie dress up like AJ for an “exhibition” match to prepare for her title shot against the Divas’ champion. Jobbing, apparently, was not in Brie’s job description, as she ended up surprising her sister and master for the win.
What was in Brie’s job description, however, was weaponized sexual favors, as the good twin shocked AJ with this kiss, letting Nikki sneak-attack the champion and pin her in short order. bella52
bella53 And so, with only two days remaining on Brie’s servitude, she had seemingly reconciled with her twin sister by turning heel.
So was this just a ruse on Brie’s part so she could turn around and double-cross her sister once the stipulation ran out? Nope. Even after the thirty days were over, Brie kept helping Nikki retain her title and started tagging with her again. Looking back, I guess it was better for Nikki that her sister didn’t die in the womb. bella54


Neither Brie nor Nikki ever bothered to explain what was behind this change of heart, which proved that old saying:

“To those who did not watch the Bellas feud, no explanation will suffice. To those who did watch the Bellas feud, no explanation is necessary so long as it’s over and never, ever happens again.”

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Art has been writing inductions for WrestleCrap since 2012. He also writes reviews of old Monday Night Raws, posted here every other Sunday. You can find his old reviews at the "How Much Does This Guy Weigh?" blog. Follow him on Twitter @Art0Donnell. Email at:
80 Responses to "Induction: Bella vs. Bella – 2014 Gooker Award Co-winner"
  1. Down With OPC says:

    Appropo: Two Bellas, two Gookers! What’s crazier is that neither Gooker involved TNA!

  2. Barronmore says:

    Ok…as a fellow that doesn’t watch WWE on a weekly baisis…now I understand….and im’ soo soo sorry for the rest of you….

    Wow…just…wow…Great job!

  3. RD Reynolds says:

    I’ve got my work cut out to top this one…but Brass Rings will hit next week!

  4. Erich says:

    The Clair Lynch saga was downright Shakespearean compared to this mess. At least the CL Saga gave us some really good matches with Kaz, Daniels, AJ, and Angle. This gave us… typical WWE Diva matches, but somehow even dumber than usual.

  5. George says:

    There was no “suspicious Slammy-esque stuffing of the ballot box” because everyone could vote only once for the Gooker Award. More people voted for the Brass Rings fiasco and elected it the winner of the Gooker Award. Also, I saw real tears on Brie’s face.

    • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

      Can we drop the whole ballot stuffing vs. conspiracy discussion? There’s two winners, complaining about it won’t change a thing, so move on. Look at it this way: Now we get two great inductions. That’s a win for everyone.

      • CP says:

        Bullcrap. The only reason I can think of that these were declared co-winners was because there was already a piece prepped for the Bella “feud” and nobody was expecting anything to top it. Then Vince said what he said and, as they say, boom went the dynamite.

        • Deathedge says:

          Or the ballot stuffing was, in fact, legitimate and we should just be glad that they are inducting both as opposed to DQing Brass Rings outright which I don’t think will happen if stuffing happens next year.

        • Justin says:

          Let me get this straight – RD has Art write up the Bellas inductions a few weeks prior to the end of the voting because “that’s what he wanted”, goes on the RD and Blade show to say that the one he wanted to win had less votes than the Bellas one and Brass Rings (I forget which one off the top of my head), makes up something about possible ballot stuffing that he later confirmed (also confirmed by our resident IWC member who is just as jaded, yet somehow level-headed and logical, Justin Henry), THEN waits over a week to release the induction that was pre-written prior to the voting? That’s one well-planned swerve.

          Art did a fantastic job with this write-up. Here’s my write-up for Brass Rings – “Jaded IWC members lose their minds over the semi-public comments made by Vince McMahon where he basically lambasted guys for not getting over on their own (and when they do, they get their legs cut out from under them by creative), and that the WWE has favorites. It would be shocking, but if you spent any part of the last three decades watching the WWF/WWE, you’d already know that it was true. You could replace the names of the guys who got screwed over by management and creative from 2014 with midcarders from the 2000s, 1990s, or 1980s, and it would still ring true.” Now, you can probably see why I don’t write for the site – because that write-up, while factual, was terrible. But I’m sure RD will do his best with the material that was forced upon him by people more concerned about backstage politics than what wrestling is really about – entertainment. To paraphrase Dean Ambrose (because saying it word for word would get me booted by the moderator) – Wrestling is supposed to be fun, and complaining about the politics is stupid, if you think about it. They’re “running around in [their] underwear making ugly faces”, and you’re concerned about politics?

    • Craig says:

      I doubt that those were real tears on Brie’s face. However I do agree with you about the “ballot box stuffing” BS. Brass Rings won the award fair and square.

      • Justin says:

        Odd thing is, the people who run the site, and have access to the statistics of the voting, disagree. If they didn’t want Brass Rings to win, they could have (a) not let it be a choice, or (b) disqualified it for the shenanigans. Even with the stuffing, you’re getting your Brass Rings write-up – why are you still upset? You do realize that the WWE doesn’t see what won the Gooker, and change the way they do business, right? If they did, they wouldn’t have done Claire Lynch 2.0.

      • Mark Hammer says:

        Prove it. Perhaps more importantly, explain why you think the site’s owners and moderators would lie.

        Bear in mind that last year, when the Dixie Carter heel angle won, there were crying Impact marks claiming the vote was rigged. Again, they provided no evidence or any critical basis for these claims. They were just annoyed that their beloved company was being scrutinised. Wrestlecrap is compromising this year by inducting both events that received the most votes, legitimately or not, and there are still people whining. If it was a fix, they’d have just thrown out the votes for ‘brass rings’ or, better yet, not shortlisted it in the first place. Besides which, nothing prevents them from inducting losing Gooker nominees after the vote has taken place – in fact, this has happened several times.

        You have a brain, Craig. Try using it in future. Same goes to George and the other conspiracy theorists. To paraphrase JBL, there are no black helicopters. You’re just p’ed off over something trivial. Get over it.

        • CP says:

          Everybody who is pissed off has reason to be. There should be one Gooker, and this didn’t win. The brass rings won.

          In the end I certainly believe it’ll all die off and we’ll go back to the way we usually do it, but you call a spade a spade. And I find it not cool when I am asked to vote for something, my choice gets the most votes, and it doesn’t matter in the end. That’s just wrong, all I’m saying.

          • C Boz says:

            It’s a non-audited, non-scientific vote on a website about wrestling. Wrestling for heaven’s sake! Entertainment where people with bad haircuts pretend to hurt each other (most of the time at least – insert Kevin Sullivan or Terry Funk comment here)! Don’t take it so seriously.

            Oh, and it really should have been Rose versus the Bunny…

    • Hulk6785 says:

      I don’t know. It did jump ahead surprisingly. And, it can’t be that hard to get around the one vote thing. I mean, this is WrestleCrap, not NORAD.

    • Kingofoldschool says:

      George, I don’t know if you this or not, but there are ways you can mask your IP address, thus the poll won’t recognize you already voted.

      You might want to look into that before saying there is no way that could happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you seriously implying that the webmaster doesn’t have access to data, re: the poll, that the rest of us can’t see, and therefore isn’t able to determine any more accurately than the rest of us whether or not the poll results were legit?


    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      I just want to add on to what everybody said by adding that it’s usually easy to tell if somebody’s trying to ballot stuff a poll even if you don’t have IP evidence, just by using timestamps. If there’s a sudden gush of posts out of the blue, then it’s pretty easy to determine you’ve been linked out – if they’re all for the same exact poll entry than stuffing can be assumed.

  6. Sean Bateman says:

    Oxford Kama in a Gooker winner? Bravo.

  7. Jerichoholic Ninja says:

    Or are you planning on trying to hijack every post from now on and chant (type) “brass rings”?

  8. Jim says:

    I’m sorry, but this needed to include more of the earlier story than “pulled the trigger at Summerslam.” What I voted for was an angle that began in April and lasted for 7 months before being stupidly ended with no explanation. You can’t put the stupidity of the ending of this feud into perspective without doing more on the Brie-Stephanie part of this story because there is virtually zero reason why Brie turned heel at the end of it.

    Brie-Stephanie was the second-biggest match at Summerslam. You needed to basically start on the April 21 Raw, when Brie (despite their relationship being a part of Total Divas, it’s not like Brie and Bryan interacted as a couple on Raw/Smackdown) accompanied Bryan to the ring so he could get through a promo the day of/after his father died before being attacked by Kane on Stephanie’s orders. Although perhaps not necessary, you should have included the awful horror skits (e.g. Bryan trying to fix a car while Brie “acted” scared when Kane appeared). But you absolutely needed to include Brie slapping Steph and quitting when Steph threatened to fire Brie if Bryan (now injured) didn’t surrender his title, and Stephanie’s punishment of Nikki (which you somewhat mention) with things like handicap one-arm-tied-behind-your-back matches. The Nikki tormenting, of course, ended with Stephanie slapping Brie in the crowd, leading to Steph being arrested (a great scene) and Brie getting rehired and the match against Stephanie. You didn’t have to do the entire buildup (but you could have), but you had to make it clear that Stephanie won virtually every segment she was in after initially appearing fearful of signing the contract, getting heat and heat and heat and making Brie look rather pathetic (Brie had been getting big pops) and then managing to transfer none of that heat to Nikki for her somewhat understandable heel turn (e.g. because Brie was winning the same kind of punishment matches Nikki had been put in; of course, Steph was always quick to beat down any momentum Brie would gain in the build up to Summerslam).

    You did a pretty good job with the Growing Up Bella/Jerry Springer segments (though I’m not sure you conveyed just how much TV time they seemed to take up, and how badly they were scripted and acted, particularly by Brie), but they continued to make Brie look inept/impotent: she never clearly answered Nikki’s stories (e.g. saying what Nikki said was true, but it was Nikki who damaged the car, Nikki who stole Brie’s prom date, etc., which would have made more sense because Nikki naturally comes across as more of the type of girl more likely to get/steal attention while Brie was the more quiet and responsible one) and just kind of whined. And then she lost CLEAN on the Personal Assistant thing. No controversy, no cheating, nope: Nikki just pinned her. What a babyface, losing the two big matches in this saga and not even getting revenge on the person who caused her to lose the first one.

    And the 30-day servant thing (I believe originally stipulated as loser would be the winner’s “bitch”) was an entire letdown! This was the perfect time for bully comedy bits, at least one per show. But about all they did was pour the milkshake and make her drive around dressed as Bryan one-time (I think). And she skipped to the ring like AJ one time.

    And if you’re going to include Total Divas, why not incorporate how Total Divas tried to suggest the feud was caused by/related to Brie (and a few other family members) having a conversation with John Cena about why he wasn’t going to marry Nikki, leading to Nikki being mad at Brie for talking to her boyfriend behind her back and Brie offering some lame explanation/excuse while Nikki sulked. Gah.

    And the no explanation. I get it: it’s a dumb divas feud manufactured for Total Divas, even if it lasted for 7 months and brought out a McMahon for her first match in a decade, so I wasn’t expecting a great explanation for why Brie sided with Nikki (and then didn’t do anything once the personal servant contract expired a few days after the PPV). But no explanation at all? No announcer/interviewer pressing Brie? At least Mae gave birth to a hand. This angle just ended without even a whimper.

    This was an angle that lasted more than 4 months with just what you covered (let alone the 7-month version I laid out above), but this entry just didn’t feel epic like a Gooker should be. Fine as an induction but disappointing (to the Gooker’s high or low standards, depending on your perspective) as the co-Gooker winner.

  9. Kev says:

    And you know what? I wish this angle died in the womb.

  10. Mister Forth says:

    Great induction. I would’ve referenced why Springer was there instead of their original idea, but other than that, brilliant.

    P.S. Eva Marie looks like a “Real Doll” in that shot.

  11. Hulk6785 says:

    I wish I had died in the womb so that I would have never existence in the same universe as this feud.

  12. phillip sanders says:

    i think bre actually may have given an explanation to why at one point like several weeks in to the rejoing of the bellas. I dont remeber what it was but i do remember they only revealed it on a segment that only aired on the wwe app during a raw commercial break.

  13. Geoff says:

    That feud is in it’s own plane of existance. In fact I think it’s in a lower plane of existance because of how “low” it is. HA! I kill me!

  14. Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

    I was fortunate enough to spend most of this feud drinking heavily with the TV muted and Judas Priest playing at a volume loud enough to make an empty chair bleed, so I missed most of the more heinous moments.

    I actually voted for brass rings, but rest assured, if I’d heard that boorish loudmouth idiot in the cowboy hat refer to Batman’s butler as Bruce Wayne, then I’d have voted for this crap in a heartbeat.

  15. David P. says:

    But…..the WWE Originals CD was awesome! It was so bad, it was good in most aspects. Though, I thought there were a few good tunes on it.

  16. Adam says:

    Ah, the old “it’s somehow your fault the heel stable keep attacking me, so I’m jumping to their side!” wrestling logic… and the Brie turn probably makes it two in the one angle.

    Recycled so soon after Big Show used it to become Johnny Ace’s stooge, too. That’s just lazy.

  17. K7 says:

    “for most of their careers, the question of “Who’s your favorite Bella Twin?” was akin to asking, “What’s your favorite turnbuckle?””

    I fell out of my chair on that line.

  18. John Matrix says:

    The only way I want to see the Bellas on my TV screen or monitor is in a pornographic capacity.

  19. Jim says:

    JBL actually isn’t that bad on comic knowledge. He even dropped an asteroid m reference when sandow dressed as magneto.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If the criteria for a Gooker was all about which angle was the most BORING, this would have won by a mile. Dullest feud in wrestling all year, even including TNA which is really saying something.

  21. Matt S. says:

    Oxford Kama says that it’s spelled “obnoxious…”

  22. Dan Sheldon says:

    To show how much I cared about this feud. I read this whole induction and by the second panel I’d already forgotten which Bella was whom. I couldn’t remember who was supposed to be the good one and who was supposed to be the bad one. I just kept seeing names. Was JJ the good or bad sister?

  23. John C says:

    The mistake is boring generic twin #1 actually said about boring generic twin #2 that she wished she had, “Tried watching The Room” but found it too complicated to understand. Or maybe she said, “Hide from Dr. Doom” in case a graphic novel character should come to life and chase her. JBL would be of no help to anyone in case such a situation occured.

  24. Unknown says:

    Hell, even the Bella twins weren’t too fond of it. Nikki went so far as to say that she hated those first few promos and said “I don’t write the shows”.

    That should have been a clue that this wasn’t going to work, IMO.

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      If I were her I’d throw Freddie Prinze Jr/whover the hell wrote that under the bus, too, but sadly their delivery’s part of what murdered that angle dead.

      • Dan says:

        Agreed. Not that they were well written, but WWE has given their workers a lot worse to work with. A better actress could have salvaged it, or at least made it forgettable instead of horrible.

  25. Jimbolian says:

    Know what would have made this feud better? Replace the Bellas with the Harris Twins (aka hillbillies Jacob and Eli Blu, aka skinhead bikers 8-Ball and Skull, aka Jerry and Pat of Creative Control) and you got yourself Wrestlecrap gold.

  26. JSH says:

    Must say, I very much enjoyed the comparison between Kent State/ CSNY with the Bellas’ split/ Brie’s new theme. Genius!

  27. Gabe says:

    Just reading this entry made my head hurt. This rings the bell.

  28. Deathedge says:

    Excellent induction RD. I remember thinking that the “JJ swerve” was actually just him briefly forgetting either whose side he was supposed to be on or which of his sisters is which. The Springer segment was decent “train wreck” TV though. In the Bella’s slight defence, even if they were better actors, the material they were give was awful, possibly the worst of last year.

    Again though, great induction and I can’t wait for next week’s induction.

  29. the14thListener says:

    So here’s my explanation for the Bella family name nonsense that likely would have “died on the hill” of the WWE writer’s room courtesy of Vince McMahon.

    When Jonathan Garcia and Kathy Colasce got together, they decided they would stray from tradition and name their family “Bella” just because they picked the name out of a hat. When they split up, each went back to their original names. The daughters kept the Bella name for, um, reasons. Son JJ became close to his dad, in part because he was the only one who could tell the twins apart, and took the Garcia name when he got older.

    I’d say I’m looking forward to an offer letter and congratulatory phone call from Stephanie, but frankly my current job sounds better than being a WWE writer.

  30. John Q Occupier says:

    If only the non-IWC WC had realised that Total Divas is taped months in advance and therefore booed the entire train-wreck out of the building a la RR2015, maybe we would have been spared this BS.

    (And the Tyson Kidd/Natalya BS. And the BS with the Uso. And…)

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      And it gets even worse when the WWE decides to time the Diva storylines to revolve around whatever they taped beforehand, which turns everything onscreen into mush.

    • Guest says:

      They would’ve booed it out of the building if the entirety of the feud took place in Philadelphia or it’s less important brother city Pittsburgh.

  31. Mark Hammer says:

    Remember Goldberg’s totally unenthused challenge to Austin (‘Autsin’) on David Letterman, or Trish not bothering at all in saying Molly Holly had a large bottom? Both of these were like a Scott Steiner shoot promo compared to the Bellas’ acting in this feud.

  32. james gracie says:

    I was expecting a lot more with this induction. Like the whole Brie/Stephanie feud that took up tons of TV time(including TWO raw main event slots) and basically started the whole Bella vs Bella feud. I’m very disappointed that wasn’t included. Also add how Stephanie was able to weasel her way out of the storyline without doing the job or putting any one over. I thought for sure it would all be added and was looking forward to reading the “Wrestlecrap” spin on it.

    • Guest says:

      Why would Stephanie job with no incentive to do so and why should she put over Daniel Bryan’s wife?

      • Dan says:

        Because “Daniel Bryan’s wife” was also the active wrestler. Stephanie was a non wrestler we were supposed to see get it who hadn’t had a wrestling match in a decade. What did it benefit Stephanie to not only win the match but win the feud?

        I agree it’s not like Brie was buried for it, so ultimately no big deal. But the way they booked it was ridiculous. Stephanie DOMINATED for almost the entire match, and then still got the win after Brie finally rallied by a screw job. Stephanie also showed no fear at any time. Because of course someone who hadn’t competed in a decade would have no reservation taking on a full time competitor. It made no sense and benefited no one. It’s not like coming on top in a wrestling feud was going to segway into a title shot for her.

        And as far as why should Stephanie lose to “Daniel Bryan’s wife”. Considering a lot of this was surrounding Daniel Bryan, the huge babyface. How did Brie failing to get revenge at a time DB couldn’t come in and get it himself in some way benefit Bryan. Wouldn’t most WANT to see Stephanie get hers for stripping Bryan of the title and the way she treated him. And it’s not like Bryan was going to wrestle her for that revenge, especially in the PG era. Like I said, benefitted no one.

        Except Stephanie’s daughters got to see mommy win. Which I guess was what was truly important.

        If Vince McMahon had done this when he feuded with someone and the blow off match was like this cries of “HE WAS BURRIED” would blow up the internet. No one cares in this case because they are “just girls”. Which granted, WWE’s treatment of the Divas is a lot of why people think that. But it is still why.

    • KatieVictoriasSecret says:

      I think that if they went back and covered the first part of the feud it would’ve ended up being too involved; you’d need to go back and tackle the Authority vs DB thing, the whole Kane thing, the Nikki-stands-up-for-Brie-and-ends-up-feuding-with-SM-thing. It’s a lot of meat to pack into an article and while it all leads into the B/B feud it only tangentially relates to what the actual meat of the story is. I also think it’s because the Kane part of the feud is being set aside for its own induction, but that’s just my wild guess.

  33. Doc 902714 says:

    My favorite turnbuckle is the top buckle on the lower right hand corner i.e. the one George the Animal Steele used to eat.

  34. Dan says:

    This feud was horrible. But honestly the minute Nikki turned on Brie I knew this angle would fail even if written well. Having real life siblings, or family members in general, have a bitter feud almost never works. I remember it took more than one try to get a Hardy Boys feud over. There is a connection with real life siblings that you can’t fake, an intangible. The fans can see it and tell the difference vs say The Dudley Boyz or Edge and Christian. So when they start tearing each other a new one physically and especially verbally it can be akward to watch and uncomfortable. It also doesn’t help that no one really buys it since we all know they aren’t “really” hating each other with the fire of a thousand suns.

    Don’t get me wrong, the shitty booking and horrible acting was this ones biggest problem. But WWE was stupid to ever think feuding them was a good idea.

  35. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    Excellent introduction, Art!

    This is such a perfect trainwreck of terrible writing, awful acting, low-stakes feuding and a wth-were-they-thinking blow-off. It’s also yet another example of the WWE is doing a terrible job in trying to draw anyone watching Total Divas to the product and vice-versa (which has to be the ultimate goal with this stuff.). Why won’t they pay for the Bellas to go to acting classes?

  36. The Lucha Guy says:

    Definitely the very worst part of this whole fiasco was the ending. That old saying at the end of this induction is the biggest true ever.

  37. C Boz says:

    Why my favorite turnbuckle is the same as Good Old J.R.’s from back in the late 80s NWA: the Coors turnbuckle of course!

    My favorite Bella? The only one I like is Bella Donna, Stevie Nicks’ debut solo album. Still could not care less about Nikki and Brie. Strike that… I actually could care less, but not much.

    By the way, the insight that “Brie mode” should be called “Nikki mode” because Mrs Danielson turns into an idiotic woo girl when she drinks is priceless.

  38. Drew b says:

    The guys at OSW Review have the best Bella mnemonic device: Nikki’s got knockers, Bryan’s got Brie.

  39. Grandore says:

    Ya know I have to point 1 other thing out. I love how they acted like this was the first time the Bellas feuded. IT’S NOT!!!! Hello! Anyone remember when they actually fought over Daniel Bryan? Apparently the WWE didn’t!

  40. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    And to think, Nikki’s Diva’s title reign mentioned in this article only ended less than two weeks ago.

  41. Kayla patty says:

    Nikki you should have sister love you you don’t betrayal Sister like trash way you hurt sister you grow up with thank her put you up Nikki you are spoll rat want your way I have two sister you I love I don’t do that mine sister way you hurt here

    • The Real Black Scorpion says:

      Kayla, that is the most impressive string of not-english I’ve ever seen.

  42. Paolo says:

    The best part of this whole stinker was when my friends and I found out that “Brie’s car” was something out of Google Image Search. Long gone are the days when Vince bought a car fresh from the dealers for Stone Cold to wreck.

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