Adam Bomb

Adam Bomb

It’s a well known and documented scientific fact that exposure to dangerous levels of radiation gives normal folk like you and me super human powers. Look at Spiderman; after being bitten by a radioactive spider, not only did he gain all kinds of wacked out abilities, he even got his own theme song. Is he strong? Listen BUB! He’s got radioactive blood!

So it should come as little surprise that Vinnie Mac & Co. decided to experiment with one of his young workers in the early 90’s. One day, Bryan Clark was a meek, mild mannered jobber at a major metropolitan wrestling company. The next day, after a freak accident at Three Mile Island, he was Adam Bomb – The Creation of Devastation!

Just in case anyone doubted his mutation, Bomb wore little nuclear signs all over his outfit…

…and came to the ring wearing goggles, which would sometimes flash different colors. The goggles would conceal his eyes, which were also affected by the radiation, turning them bright green (or yellow, depending on his heel/face allegiances at the time).

The radiation also gave his tongue super human abilities as well, as he could eat Lik-Em-Aid with the best of them.

Bomb would give his “Bomb Squad” a special treat on his way to the ring – he would throw up his hands in an ‘explosion’ mannerism while a big mushroom cloud appeared on the video wall.

Of course, all this did little to get Clark over with fans. Whether as a heel (managed at times by both Johnny “Don’t Call Me Raven” Polo and Harvey “Don’t Call Me Downtown Bruno” Wippleman) or a face, Bomb never really created much of an impact. It was strange, because he was exactly the kind of guy Vince loves – big, strong, and with a good look. Heck, he even showed glimpses of ability in the ring, as his matches, while not **** classics, were usually among the better midcard outings in the mid 90’s WWF.

For whatever reason, though, Vince never really got behind the guy and he departed the Federation. He was most recently seen as one half of Kronik in WCW, although his original gimmick in WCW was that of Wrath, Mortis’ running buddy. The two of them teamed up with a James Vandenburg (aka The Sinister Minister), and the trio set out to destroy Glacier.

Hey, anybody who has that agenda is ok in my book.

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