It Came From YouTube: The Angry Video Game Nerd takes on bad wrestling video games!

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Crapper Sean Bateman writes:

First it was Joe Gagne with his Fun Time Arcade with wrestling games, then Pat the NES Punk touched on the some of the NES wrestling games and now, The AVGN jumps into the ring!

Ah, I love The Angry Video Game Nerd! James is great!

I wonder if he knows WrestleCrap Radio’s own Nintendo John?

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10 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: The Angry Video Game Nerd takes on bad wrestling video games!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    Funny thing about the Raw and Royal Rumble’s Royal Rumble is that you can win the rumble in less than a minute.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      By back body-dropping them out of the ring (or was it hip-tossing them?), right?

      • Sean Bateman says:

        It depends on who you pick. SOme back body drop and some hip toss

        • CP says:

          The ones with hip tosses were always fun because they would just defy gravity with these throws.

          You always had to be careful to time it right the deeper into the match you got because you’d get drop kicked if you didn’t.

  2. James S says:

    If James Rolf really wants to cover a bad wrestling game he needs to get on WCW Backstage assault.

  3. Andre Reichenbacher says:

    I’m glad the Nerd showed how incredibly terrible WCW SuperBrawl is. I had heard for years how bad is was but I had never actually seen any gameplay of it. I agree with the above poster that he should have showed Backstage Assault. Plus ECW Hardcore Revolution and WWF Betrayal and Crush Hour, LOL!

  4. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    So, I’ve watched this episode, and I was pretty disappointed.

    It’s true that the 8-bit LJN WWF games are terrible, but WrestleMania Challenge is still pretty decent.

    As for the 16-bit LJN WWF games (which were also released on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis under the Flying Edge label), they are actually pretty fun to play once you learn the controls, something which the Nerd clearly did not do, because he just bashed on them for being published by LJN, and claiming that “Vince McMahon should be ashamed for whoring out his product to such inept game designers”.

    Come on, Nerd, like Vince McMahon had time on his hands in 1992-1994 to tell LJN, Flying Edge, and Acclaim what he’d like to see in children’s video-games based on his wrestling company. Around the time the 16-bit WWF games came out, Vince had bigger things to worry about, such as the 1994 steroid trial and Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s VHS royalties lawsuit.

    You see, not EVERYTHING that LJN did was bad, and certainly not the 16-bit WWF games or their action figures; those and the ThunderCats toyline were awesome.

    Now, when it comes to WrestleMania: The Arcade Game, it IS a good game… just not on the Super Nintendo due to frequent bouts of slowdown, so stick with either the Mega Drive, 32X, Saturn, PlayStation, or PC ports instead.

    The real reason why WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling is so hated is because most reviewers don’t even bother to read the instruction manual. For example, you have one button for kicking out and another for getting up. You see, SuperBrawl Wrestling was one of the first wrestling games with grappling and holds, since many other wrestling games at the time were only beat- em-ups. WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling was a good game that has got a lot of bad reviews.

    Finally, Saturday Night Slam Masters is a fantastic game, but wishing for Capcom to make WWE games is a bit extreme, because they would’ve been put out of business just like Acclaim and THQ.

    In conclusion, a rather disappointing episode that’s made me think “OK, I’m done with the Nerd, I’ve had enough, and I’m ready for a change.”

    But hey, since what the Nerd says goes, then I guess we’ll have to abide by his laws.

    Quick, everyone! Destroy every single arcade cabinet of the 1988 Superman game by Taito! According to the Angry Video Game Nerd, that good Superman game doesn’t exist!

    If you want good reviews of wrestling games (especially 8-bit or 16-bit), watch either Cygnus Destroyer/LJN Defender or Joe Gagne’s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade.

    • Maxie Stavross says:

      Yes, sir, I was about to actually suggest Cygnus/LJN Defender. He gives more fair reviews and relies less on the gimmick that AVGN does.

      You made a shit ton of legit points as well, and I’d like to add that in the early 90’s, I still think a lot of people were still on the fence about investing in video-games and how much impact video-game products could have on their brand.

      Back then, video-games were still considered by a lot of people to be some fringe hobby. With so much on his plate, Vince isn’t going to be paying much mind to the content of the video-games back then.

      • Deepthroat Ghoul says:

        Well, the thing is that none of those games were actually made by LJN, as it seems that James and everyone else who acts like they were the worst thing to ever happen to the video-games industry completely forgets that (even before they became a front company for Acclaim) LJN was a publisher, not a developer.

        In fact, the one thing which James should remember from his review of Beetlejuice on NES is the majority of horrible LJN games that he has slagged off were developed by legit companies which included the likes of Atlus, Beam Software/Melbourne House (who also made the WCW SuperBrawl game on the SNES), Sculptured Software (the people responsible for the 16-bit WWF trilogy), and even freaking Rare.

        Sure, for the most part they deserve their bad reputation as garbage merchants, but it’s a tad bit unfair that LJN gets solely blamed for this, and that no-one has ever criticised any of those developers for willingly churning out such poorly-made licensed shit for a quick buck.

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