It Came From YouTube: Harvey Wippleman & Giant Gonzalez are ready for Undertaker

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My big takeaway from this is that Giant Gonzalez speaks English (and pretty well, too!).

I love how he lumbers around behind Harvey making scary faces.

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Harvey Wippleman & Giant Gonzalez are ready for Undertaker"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    We should not talk about that match, The edible lactic morsel that is gigantic. That match is already deleted in my cranial cavity.

  2. Andre Reichenbacher says:

    I miss Jorge Gonzalez sometimes. He holds the record for being the tallest pro wrestler in history, but he had virtually no athletic ability. He couldn’t play basketball and he couldn’t wrestle. After leaving WWE he had a few acting jobs here and there, and at some point he went back to Argentina. He developed diabetes and for the last part of his life he was confined to a wheelchair. I don’t know if he was ever married or had kids, but I genuinely felt bad for him. I admit that when he debuted at Royal Rumble ’93 I was in awe of him. But we all soon learned that his size didn’t mean much if he couldn’t even work a decent watchable match. That was really unfortunate. May be continue to rest in peace.

  3. AK says:

    As the old expression goes, you can’t teach size. Who knows what could have been, if he actually was given proper training and not just shoved out there because of his appearance. He wouldn’t confuse anybody with Ricky Steamboat, but I think he could have at least surpassed the Great Khali in terms of wrestling prowess. Forget about pippin’, being 7’7 isn’t easy.

    I’m definitely surprised at how well he spoke. I wouldn’t get him cutting 20 minute promos but I’d still like them more than HHH’s if he did.

    This kind of reminds me when Yokozuna turned face and revealed that he actually spoke perfect English. Coincidentally, he never actually spoke Japanese beyond the token “Banzai” and “Yosh”. Pretty sure the latter of which isn’t actually Japanese.

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