Yoko Rules!

You may not know this, but following WrestleMania IX, there was a wee bit of a falling out between the World Wrestling Federation and the man who for years had been its biggest star, Hulk Hogan. Shocking I know, but true. The pair were at a bit of an impasse with Hogan’s act seemingly having run its course, steroid accusations, and a business downturn that had everyone wondering in what direction they should go. Hogan would leave the company altogether and head for WCW in 1994. Seeing this taking place, the WWF moved forward with its “New Generation”, trumpeting loud and long that Hogan and his ilk were fossils of a bygone era and thus we got some amazing pieces like this from the August 1994 WWF Magazine from your friend and mine, Vince Russo.

We are told that Yokozuna is in fact the greatest champion in the history of the company as he defeated not only Hogan, but also Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Screw those two victories – the fact he made Hogan make a big crybaby face pictured here propels him higher than any wrestling title ever could!

In fact, let’s make an animated GIF of that. Not sure if that’s hilarious, horrifying, or both. I’ll let you be the judge.

We get a recap of the events of that infamous day in Las Vegas where Hogan tagged with Brutus Beefcake against Money Inc.. Also, we get lots of CAPITALIZED WORDS so if you think that is something Russo only started doing since he joined this site, not sure what to tell you (or Cornette). Dude has always written that way.

So we get a celebration of the start of Yokomania, and on the following page we get the Fed’s view of the start and end dates of Hogan’s useful time in the business. You want to talk about a burial? We got an honest to God GRAVE MARKER behind a picture of the Hulkster!!

The slamfest continues as we learn about Hogan essentially fleeing the company to compete somewhere else with lower competition after not only losing the title, but refusing to wrestle Bret during his reign. One final Mr. Nanny knock and the article comes to its end. Forgive me for channeling my inner Russo here but I have to go all caps to end this one: HOLY CRAP – THAT’S HOW YOU DO A BURIAL!!!

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