TOUGH TALK from April 1994 Is a GASSER!

Ah, good old Tough Talk, you are always worth a laugh or two. And considering this is from a truly dark time in the history of the World Wrestling Federation, April of 1994, methinks there will be no shortage of material.

I know I use the term “Sweet Christmas” far too much on this here site, but look at that – it truly is Christmas for little old me when I get a layout like this. The style is so delightfully of the era with neon and squiggles, plus we get discussion of Tatanka being a numbskull for getting “Pearl Harbored” constantly and trash talking of the Smoking Gunns. Also, someone who had the temerity to bust on Oscar years before I did.

No idea who wrote this article, but I do hope Oscar buried them six feet under with a dis rap like he did to me!

Page 2 (well, 13 if you are leafing along) gets us the unholy trifecta of Evil Crush, Bastion Booger, and the evil Finnish environmentalist, Ludvig Borga. And it’s all about FOOD. Really! We get graphics of Booger with cheese, fish, and a hotdog…Crush being called a pineapple head…and Borga being a meathead. Going out on a limb and guessing someone wrote this before lunch.

I love doing these articles…do you have any classic WWF Magazine bits you want us to cover? If so, leave them in the comments section below!

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