Can YOU guess this WWF Superstar?

In case you hadn’t noticed, one of my favorite aspects of doing dives into these old WWF Magazines isn’t so much the articles, but finding oddballs stuff like old ads, sign up sheets, and puzzles. Well, you can add another to the pile as we open up the January 1996 mag and find the picture of the cutest little boy you ever did see:

I mean seriously, have you ever seen a more cuddly little guy? Not gonna lie, I spent at least five minutes straight staring at this photo and racking my brain as to who it could possibly be. Believe it or not, I started going through the rest of the magazine and trying to match up (at the time) current photos of folks in the company and the tike pictured. After realizing this was likely a fool’s errand, I gave up and started looking at the HINTS.

I am ashamed to admit I didn’t figure it out right away after clue one. My brain was apparently on vacation or something as I read that and rationalized there were probably a lot of dead heads in the locker room about that time. Diving a bit further into the article, it was pretty clear who it was…although I don’t believe at his age he could in any way have been the twin brother of Gomez.

Yep, that adorable boy up above is PAUL BEARER. I don’t believe it either!

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