1994 WWF Magazine Trivia

WWF Magazine, March 1994

Welcome to another regular(ish) column here at WrestleCrap.com, From the Pages Of…! In these columns your old buddy and your old pal RD Reynolds will be diving into old wrestling magazines to see what ridiculousness we can find with which to amuse ourselves. Today’s periodical of choice is the March 1994 issue of the OFFICIAL WWF Magazine, which contains a trivia contest!

Not gonna lie, as I get older, my brain retains less and less daily. So the odds of me even hitting 50% here are probably slim. Perhaps you can do better, so let’s have some fun and you can play along!

Wait, just now seeing that they are assigning POINTS to different questions. Oh for crying out loud, who wrote this thing? Vince Russo?

He just might have come to think of it. I’ll ask him next time I talk to him.

Unless I forget. Didn’t I write something about my spotty memory in this article already?

  1. Going out on a limb and saying CRUSH.
  2. This would have been 1994, so Lex would have been floundering after they completely botched what should have been easy money with him. So yeah, Luger.
  3. This being 1994, guessing they said he was from THE TRUCK STOP, but I always thought he was from Detroit for some reason.

****Checks answers: 1 right, 2 right, 3 is LAS VEGAS???? Is this a legit home town or a worked one? And if so, should Oz have been the correct answer, especially since the header was “No Place Like Home”???”****

TOTAL SO FAR: 3 Points

  1. Babyface Doink era, which was awful. So awful I could see him using that as a catchphrase.
  2. Literally no idea, and that’s a stupid nickname. Maybe Razor was a good guy at this point so I’ll go with El Heffe.
  3. That was 1000000% Bret Hart. I was there! I even dressed in a Kimono to support Yokozuna that night!

****Answers: Got all three of these. Gimme the points, baby!****

TOTAL SO FAR: 6 Points This Round, 9 Points Total

  1. Dunno, but I am going to guess it wouldn’t be accepted in anti-body shaming 2022. I will go with UGLIEST.
  2. 401?
  3. You’d think I, RD Reynolds, would be the master of all things Bastion Booger, but I am not sure I ever saw him win a single match. Guessing he…sat on them?

****Answers: 1 was GROSSEST, so I guess I don’t get that one. I did nail 401 on the money. And the answer for #3 was, and I am just quoting here, “by dropping his adipose tissue on his foe.” Ok, for sure no one would have had that verbatim, and his butt would contain a lot of it. I am giving myself that one.****

TOTAL SO FAR: 4 Points This Round, 13 Points Total

  1. My good friend Oscar of course!
  2. I want to say…Afa. Could be Fuji though. Decisions decisions, I am going Afa.
  3. The Brain!

****Answers: Got ’em all again. Why can’t I use my brain for something more useful than this?****

TOTAL SO FAR: 6 Points This Round, 19 Points Total

  1. The horrendously bad (and inducted) Ludvig Borga
  2. 1977
  3. Ok, first of all, it’s not really fair to force you to buy ANOTHER magazine to properly answer a trivia contest, is it? No idea who would be a Hollywood couple at this time, and I want to say it’s too early, but I’ll go Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. Maybe Luna and Bam Bam also drove around naked on a boat. Why did I write that???

****ANSWERS: Got 1 and 2, but they were looking for Sean Penn and Madonna.****

GRAND TOTAL: 3 Points This Round, 22 Points Total

According to the magazine, I needed 25 points to be excellent, so I am just “good”, which is also subject to debate. How did YOU do? Let us know in the comments below!!

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