Welcome Back My Friends…to the Crap that Never Ends!

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…wait, what is THIS?

This looks like the WrestleCrap of old…yet is updated for the technology of today. The boys at the Trolla Corporation have been hard at work apparently. Behold our Christmas present to you!

We know some things are a little wacky at the moment and it will take a bit to get everything tippy top, but we truly hope you enjoy these fancy new shindigs. I’ve wasted so much time already just goofing around looking at everything, as basically everything WrestleCrap is now accessible to everyone. So much on here that I had totally forgotten…and I WROTE most of it!

There’s more fun coming too. We have Russo’s new column starting later this week for instance. I figured if anyone knew WrestleCrap, it was that guy. The WrestleCrap Radio archives are coming in the future too. And as you’ve seen, we have had a few new video chats too, with a really fun one coming before December 25.

So yeah – look around and have fun. Thanks for sticking with us. And most of all…Keep on Crappin’!!

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