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Monday Night Raw Report

Art’s Raw Review #208 – May 5th, 1997

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Raw opens with a recap of last week, including that brief footage of Bret Hart’s knee surgery. Two things to note: Bret’s name is spelled wrong, and the footage that the announcers last week found so gruesome appears to consist of the nurse shaving Bret’s leg before the incision. Like last week, the recap includes time stamps for all the Continue Reading...
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Art’s Raw Review #207 – April 28th, 1997

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Brian Pillman opens the show, revealing that he is a sensitive and religious man, praying for Bret Hart’s recovery, for all the bloodthirsty fans who cheered Stone Cold’s actions, and for Steve Austin’s total destruction (i.e. death). He calls Bret the savior of the WWF and prays that fans would let him into their hearts. That’s H-E-A-R-T-S, hearts. He gets Continue Reading...
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Art’s Raw Review #206 – April 21st, 1997

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Raw, which is War, opens with a close-up replay of The Undertaker lighting flash paper in front of Paul Bearer’s face at last night’s PPV. Raw is not only War, it’s live from Binghamton, New York. Steve Austin arrives for an interview by Vince McMahon. Lawler says Stone Cold will wrestle Bret Hart in a street fight tonight, though Jim Continue Reading...
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Art’s Raw Review #205 – April 14th, 1997

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Note from Art: Way back in 2012, before I’d written word one on WrestleCrap, I started a blog called How Much Does This Guy Weigh? where, among other things, I reviewed every episode of Monday Night Raw from the beginning. It’s been nearly six years, but I’m happy to say that the reviews are back and will appear right here Continue Reading...
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