Someone Bought This: This WrestleMania VI shirt is a real eyesore!

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WrestleMania VI long-sleeved shirt

“Hey Jimmy, let’s celebrate being at WrestleMania VI by buying a hideously ugly blindingly-neon long-sleeved shirt!”.

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12 Responses to "Someone Bought This: This WrestleMania VI shirt is a real eyesore!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    My goggles!!!! They’re not working!!!!!

  2. B. Amoda says:

    That’s not as bad as I expected. I would have wagered that the shirt itself would have been neon green as well. And by the late 80’s/early 90’s standards, there is nothing that would have been wrong with that.

  3. John C says:

    The picture is not complete without someone rocking this outfit with their Zubaz for the whole effect.

    • Raven7309 says:

      I’m surprised Vinny Mac never posed for the WWF catalogue while wearing his Zubaz pants with this shirt.

  4. Brad says:

    It looks like an average shirt from 1990 lol….Everything had bright neon colors back then

    • Dennis says:

      Indeed, back then just about every kid at my school had neon color clothes. I’m surprised our teachers didn’t have to wear sunglasses.

  5. Darryl Stewart says:

    Edge and Christian probably bought one each when they were there.

  6. Gotchism for Life says:

    Feels like 1990 just gave me a Hansen style Lariat

  7. Gotchism for Life says:

    Wait…I don’t recall Hulk having abs like that…

  8. Eric McHugh says:

    Hey, don’t laugh, in 1990 this was STYLIN’!!

  9. 80's Guy says:

    What??? I like that shirt. I would buy it and sport that thing like a fuckin’ boss!

    Eyesore my ass, 80’s colors are great, and that is an awesome shirt. If anybody has it and doesn’t like or appreciate it, I will gladly give you my address so you can ship that bitch my direction. 🙂

  10. Adam X says:

    In the early 90’s nobody could hear you scream as they were too busy being blinded by your clothing.

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