Someone Bought This: The NWO will destroy WCW with a Cyborg!

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WCW NWO Cyborg trading card 1 WCW NWO Cyborg trading card 2

Remember Cyborg?

You know, the NWO member?

What do you mean “No”?!

Well, all I can tell you is that apparently Cyborg was a wrestler from Brazil.

So I guess he was in the NWO’s Brazilian offshoot?

Man, that’s worse than being in the lame NWO B-Team with Vincent and Scott Norton.

And yes, I know that isn’t Hollywood Hogan there.

These cards are from a set released in Peru in 1999. 

Thanks to The Wrestling Trading Card Collector’s Site for the card information and pictures, and

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8 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The NWO will destroy WCW with a Cyborg!"
  1. El Atomico says:

    Huh. That’s weird.

  2. John C says:

    Cyborg looks like the result of Jeff Jarrett & Kevin Nash’s DNA cobbled together to form this horrifying manlike creature.

  3. DanTalksRasslin says:

    At first glance, I thought Cyborg was THE WALL, BROTHER.

  4. Dr.Gonzo says:

    How can you not know Cyborg! He was almost the youngest ever wwf intercontinental champion at 18, before narrowly losing to pat patterson in the tournament final.

  5. Al Boondy says:

    “Montana” appears to be wearing a WPI t-shirt … ???

  6. The Doctor of Style says:

    Cool find, Paul!

    “Cyborg” definitely sounds like a WCW idea. (Robocop must be jealous that WCW didn’t ask him back after saving Sting in 1990!)

  7. Crazy Greg says:

    He’s not Brazillion. He’s from Florida, and he was on in North America. His real name is Kevin Donofrio. He owns a gym in Brandon called Fitness for 10. He also owns a physical therapy clinic. He’s also an asshole. He fired his own brother. He also refused to pay me when I was a personal trainer at his gym. And he refused to pay another guy, who was the top personal trainer. I never heard of him until I worked for him.

  8. aag44 says:

    They all worked for Worldwide Pro Wrestling (WPW), an indy league in Florida related to Future of Wrestling. Back in 1998, WCW was HUGE in Peru (I lived there at the time), and one day, the channel that used to air Nitro announced that they were bringing WCW wrestlers to Peru for a few live shows.

    The tickets sold out and everyone was looking forward to it… until the “WCW” wrestlers (including Cyborg) showed up and NONE of them were recognizable. And I guess that in order to make it seem like there was at least SOME connection to WCW, they made Cyborg, Montana, and fake Hogan dress in NWO clothes. To this day, Peruvian wrestling fans still talk about that ripoff lol.

    Fun fact: My mom ran into Cyborg one day at a market in Lima, and she got an autographed picture of him for me. I don’t even think I brought it to the US with me when we moved, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth until many, many years later.

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