Someone Bought This: Stupid Bootleg Wrestling Figures

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My friend (and Loyal Crapper!) Matt over at X-Entertainment did this great article a few years ago on stupid bootleg wrestling figures. 

Yeah, some (and by “some” I mean “nearly all”) of them look really, really weird. I guess you could just pretend they’re indy guys. The ring is pretty cheap and ugly, too.

That picture of Chris Benoit on the packaging was creepy even before “the incident” happened, but now in hindsight it’s even more upsetting. Gah!

Be sure to check out Matt’s new site Dinosaur Dracula!

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2 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Stupid Bootleg Wrestling Figures"
  1. Luchaporn says:

    Wow that 2nd set is creepy looking, and the weapons literally look like the ones they used to pair up with WWF/E figures but with random spraypaint covering up where the WWF logo went.

  2. James says:

    Not Kane is my favorite Stupid Bootleg figure.

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