Someone Bought This: Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band promotional photo

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Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band promotional photoStraight from the WCW Worldwide Blog, here’s an exciting 8×10 promotional photo of Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band!

From left to right:

J.J. Maguire – guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass, drums
Linda Bollea – vocals, percussion
Hulk Hogan – vocals, bass
Jimmy Hart – vocals, percussion, effects

What’s weird about this photo is that Hulk is actually the most normally-dressed of the bunch.

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13 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band promotional photo"
  1. Drew says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit that as a high school kid I could NOT figure out the name of the band. I was going “Boot band? what’s a Boot Band?” and pronouncing it strangely like “The Wrestling. BootBand.”

  2. John C says:

    Why is not the Boot and a Legdrop band? Does the dork on the left not own a freaking mirror or maybe he’s a vampire and can’t see what a tool he looks like. I would’ve thought Linda’s best instrument would be the skin flute.

    • the14thListener says:

      I get kids these days like watching smut with D-list celebrities going at it instead of hard working professionals trying to support their kids and a drug problem. But do you want to LISTEN to Linda Bollea/Hogan work the skin flute? I don’t.

  3. Mortuary Matt says:

    Holy crap I would love to have this! It would go amazingly with my cassette copy of their album. They are the beach patrol ya know! They wanna party party party.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great era for the WWF, but this was not one of its high points lol.

  5. Christopher Olsen says:

    I have a cd of this. I know I’ve had it since It came out. I have no idea why, as I never liked Hogan, even as a kid.

  6. Geoff says:

    I doubt very much that the Hulkster is going to Heaven

  7. MistaMaddog says:

    “J.J. Maguire – guitar, keyboards, vocals…”

    Is that the real Double J who sang My Baby Tonight?

  8. Matt S. says:

    So, it was basically JJ Maguire with the others contributing minimally. Got it.

    I mean, “I Wanna Be a Hulkamaniac” sounds like basically a Casio keyboard track (with “rad” synth slap bass).

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