Someone Bought This: Forget Austin 3:16, this shirt is way cooler!

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Owen Hart Owen 3-16 shirt front

Owen Hart Owen 3-16 shirt back

At Summer Slam in 1997, Owen Hart (accidentally) broke Steve Austin’s neck.

The WWF decided to capitalize on this by giving Owen this awesome “Owen 3:16/I Just Broke Your Neck” shirt.

Steve Austin uses Austin 3:16 to mock Jake Roberts.

Owen Hart then uses Owen 3:16 to mock Steve Austin.

Isn’t it ironic? Don’tcha think? It’s like rain on your wedding day…

Sadly, nobody bough this because the WWF didn’t mass produce them.

Why didn’t they sell this shirt to us?! I wanted one so bad!

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12 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Forget Austin 3:16, this shirt is way cooler!"
  1. Stephen says:

    This shirt’s excellent! I’d have bought one of these.

  2. Jerm says:

    Squared Circle Ringwear produced replicas for a short period of time and I was lucky enough to nab one.

  3. Drew says:


  4. Sean Bateman says:

    Best Owen shirt ever

  5. John C says:

    I seem to recall hearing Stone Cold was not a fan of the broken neck being exploited like that. Remembering some of his interviews during that period it seemed he would really snap at who ever would bring it up to him.

  6. Zap Rowsdower says:

    I saw them on sale a a house show in December of that year. I really regretted not getting one, at least prior to Owen’s death.

  7. The Doctor of Style says:

    I’m gonna dissent too. Given that the injury was a real-life accident, I thought the shirt was in bad taste and figured it must’ve embarrassed both Austin and Hart. Not a day either man wanted to be reminded of.

  8. AK says:

    I have to agree with what’s already been said. The shirt despite the humour it was trying to convey was in bad taste. Sure Owen 3:16 by itself may have been a bit boring but I presume they scripted Owen to say it live and that would have been enough to make the shirt passable. How many Owen hart shirts were there? Anything featuring him would be great.

    Even during the attitude era, walking around with a shirt that said “I just broke your neck” likely wouldn’t get the same amount of guffaws from people as it probably did in then WWF Headquarters back in the day.

  9. AdamX says:

    Swagger 3:16: I just killed your push

  10. Jozzy Von Rokkenstein says:

    They actually DID offer them at a house-show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada…I bought one and cheered on Owen and the British Bulldog as they took on Steve Austin and Dude Love! Sadly, I must’ve gotten an old stock item as the neck ripped off the shirt within a week…”I just broke your neck” indeed!

  11. Omar Kalala says:

    There were some of these made…I saw an actual one a while back on ebay

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