Someone Bought This: Bart Simpson Luchador doll

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Bart Simpson Simpsons Wrestling Doll

I just thought this was a fun piece of Simpsons merchandise- a doll of Bart Simpson dressed up as a Luchador wrestler!

Even here, he’s still bigger than Rey Mysterio.

You can buy it on Amazon right here.

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Bart Simpson Luchador doll"
  1. Rory says:

    Preen to the crowd, El Guapo. You feed on their hatred.

  2. Neuronin says:

    Shame on you, Paul: it’s not the size of the luchador that counts, it’s whether or not his knees go “OH PLEASE GOD NO” when he moves around.

  3. Jay says:

    Did they really NEED to stich on nipples though?

  4. Raven7309 says:

    So that’s where “El Barto” came from. :-P

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