A custom Barry Horowitz Hasbro figure exists, and it is awesome!

You can see it in an all new Someone Bought This!

Miss Raw last night?

We’ve got ya covered with The Meme Event!

Poke Big Show to join the fun!

A Post-WrestleMania Success Tweet!

Seriously, Who Else Has So Much to Celebrate?!

Click Mr. Tweet #2 for the scoop!

Oh no.

Oh no no no no no…

A private wrestling session with Nicole Bass could have been yours… for the right money.

Click on Nicole for all the details in a brand new Someone Bought This!

Everybody’s Got a Price…

…including Lex Luger?

Oh yes…the Million Dollar Sellout storyline is inducted!!

WrestleCrap remembers The Ultimate Warrior.

It’s time to play the game- WWE Monopoly, that is… in an all new Someone Bought This!

Chat live with WrestleCrap’s RD Reynolds all throughout WrestleMania XXX!

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Who’s ready for WrestleMania XXX?

These guys are…ready to ruin it for you!

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The Worst of ‘em All Gets its time in the spotlight!

WrestleMania IX: The Meme Event!

And yeah, hit the Dollar Tree and pick up a frame for us this weekend.

The inside scoop on the Andre Memorial Battle Royal!

Eavesdrop the pre-match meeting!

PS – Is Andre getting his teeth cleaned in that pic?  Would have been a good idea in real life…

How can a WrestleMania with Austin vs. Rock be inducted?

Pretty easily, actually…

Click the logo for more!

What happens when you combine a crappy wrestling gimmick with one of our favorite desserts? Find out in an all new, tasty Someone Bought This!

Ever wanted a WrestleMania at a Mall?

Then this is the ‘Mania for you in the WrestleMania XI Induction!

R.D Reynolds remembers his good friend and WrestleCrap co-founder the late Merle Vincent Griggs.

RD Reynolds is back battling his age old nemesis:


Click on the punching Hulkster to read our new induction!

Since this day in 2000, we’ve been the place to celebrate the worst in wrestling!

New goodies all day, including three new inductions and tons more!

It’s Episode 427 of everyone’s favorite cooking show, Hobo on the Range!

With your host, Blade Braxton!

Yeah, we don’t know either.  Click at your own peril!

We’re not 100% sure, but we think Booker T wants you to buy some furniture.

Yeah – LET ‘EM HAVE IT!!!

We dig bad credit, sucka!

It’s the biggest event of the year!

WrestleCrapMania is LIVE!

Gets to clickin’!

Are you ready for WrestleMania XXX?

We know one guy who is!

Seriously, who else should be there more?

18 Seconds.


What, you thought it wouldn’t be?

Bad Influence takes on their biggest (and cutest) challenge yet in a new comic book in an all new Someone Bought This!

A smashing new Pro Wrestling Desecrated awaits!

There are plenty of funny captions to see in an all new Raw Meme Event!

Hacksaw’s Got an Epic Tweet for you, Tough Guy!


Creepy Sable Signs.

LOTS of Creepy Sable Signs!

Click the Creep for All of ‘Em!

The greatest cross promotion EVER is about to unfold.

And it ain’t that DVD release!

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Meet WrestleCrap’s RD Reynolds This Saturday at the Heroes and Legends of Wrestling 3 Event in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

All the details are, you guessed it, RIGHTCHERE!

A Stone Cold Induction?!

Yes, it’s true…and at the event that “made him a star”, no less!

Read all about it in our latest induction!!

A legendary tweet from a legendary event.

For all the wrong reasons, of course!

Click Mr. Tweet for all the details!

Can’t afford a real NWO shirt? This fake one is almost just as good (well, not really…). See it for yourself in an all new Someone Bought This!

B.A Bully with your very own Big Bully Busick v-neck shirt!

What the world has been waiting for!


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WrestleMania III…a Legendary Event.

Now a Legendary MEME Event!

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Hello Kitty says “Hello” to New Japan Pro Wrestling with some new t-shirts in an all new Someone Bought This!

What’s so wrong about this WCW Raven t-shirt?

Find out in an all new Someone Bought This!

Cryme Tyme Meets “George W. Bush”.

Yes, this really happened.

Did you think we would NOT induct it?

Death of WCW – 10th Anniversary Edition!

Check out the new cover by clicking to your left!

Now available for preorder!

The Headlie that has Nick “Big Bully” Busick hunting down the ‘keyboard cowards’ on this site is here!

Hey Nick – WrestleCrap is a comedy site.  In theory, at least.  ;)

Yes Movement Beware!

Dr. Stephanie Von Doom is Here!

It’s Raw…Meme Event Style!

Live from Dallas, Texas…

It’s Saturday Night’s Meme Event!!!

Two legends collide…in a legendarily ridiculous match!

The Hollywood Backlot Brawl!

Piper and Goldust take center stage in a NEW induction!

And just like that…pro wrestling has forever changed.

Read about the sadness that awaits our world in Headlies.

They made a Stone Cold Steve Austin Crossbow for kids?

Yup! See it, and a Goldberg toothbrush in an all new 2-for-1 Someone Bought This!

Pro Wrestling Desecrated is Back!

And Now Laminated for your protection!

Get to clicking and join the fun!

Did CM Punk Show Up To Raw?

Find out in the Meme Event!

Hint: He Didn’t.

Buff Bagwell looks simply faaaabulous on this t-shirt in an all new Someone Bought This!

Someone has found the Top 10 WCW Figures You Never Knew Existed! Find out how to see them for yourself in in all new Someone Bought This!

At least one hardcore fan has said no to the network…and it’s not due to streaming issues!

Find out all the details in Headlies!

Virgil is BACK!

Unfortunately for him, it’s in a new induction.

Click the poor guy for all the info!

RD Reynolds favorite TNA Impact moment EVAH!

View it in It Came From YouTube!

Seriously, what could possibly compare?

Kayfabe Commentaries is back with a release you will enjoy!

It’s Wrestling’s Most…Crappy Gimmick!

We have a preview in It Came from YouTube!


Too busy watching stuff on the Network to catch Raw?

No worries – Justin Henry has you covered with the Meme Event!

Get to clickin’, wontcha?

Getting the WWE Network?

Want FREE WrestleCrap Archive Access?

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We’re all thumbs with an all new Someone Bought This loaded with all kinds of thumb wrestling toys!

You’ll give it a thumbs-up for sure!

RD and Blade are back – and they’re not alone!

A former WrestleCrap Radio cronie is in the wings.  Who is it?

One way to find out!

The Wrestling CLASSIC?

If you say so, WWF!

We don’t though – so we’ve inducted it!  Click the jalopy for more info!

Dixie Carter Proudly Announces…

The TNA Network!

All the details in Headlies!

WrestleCrap.com is Saddened by the passing of Nelson Frazier.

You will be missed.

You know what would be fun?

If Cesaro would Giant Swing Cena around 100 times at the Chamber.

Don’t laugh – he did it to some other ham & egger!  Click the image for proof!

Who cares about possible Hogan and Taker appearances?


Ok, not really.  But click to find out the Raw details anyway, won’t you?

Still trying to maintain that New Year’s resolution of getting in shape?

Bobby Heenan is here to show you proper technique!

Click on “The Brain” to see for yourself!

A Sad Way to End Valentine’s Day…

A Sad, Sad Way.

Find out what has us sobbing by clicking the image to the left.

It’s Valentine’s Day…what better way to celebrate than to read about Viscera?

Yeah, we can think of about a zillion better ways too.  But hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re at WRESTLECRAP.COM.  Click, ya geek!

Want to know who’s going to induct Lita into the Hall of Fame?

We know one name that won’t be!

All the news that isn’t news in Headlies!

Not into the Olympics this year?

Don’t fret – Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersol are about to make them better!

All the details in Headlies!

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means!

Time to head to the mailbox – your latest issue of Pro Wrestling Desecrated is Here!

Oh, you didn’t know? We’ve got custom WrestleCrap Valentine’s Day cards just for you! Click on Road Dog to see ‘em!

Hey, did you hear?  Betty White was on Raw.  BETTY WHITE!!!!!!

And some other stuff happened.

Get to clickin’ to find out more!

The biggest rib ever played on the Big Show?

Find out by clicking his giant mug!

You know what wrestling needs?  Ninjas.

More specifically, ninjas named “GO”.

Click on Larry Zbyszko to get the skinny!

Over 12 years of WrestleCrappy goodness awaits you in the archives!

Join the fun, won’t you?

A ONE-TIME (!!!) donation of just $14.95 gets you unlimited access!

RD Reynolds joins the fun on Existential Parachute Pants: A 90′s Pop Culture Podcast!

Click the cassette and hope you don’t need to break out a pencil to rewind!

We head to Buffalo’s 1st Niagara Center for The Meme Event!

RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton take on The Schyster Family, Kamala battles Akeem, & so much more!

Don’t look so glum, CM Punk!

WWE is releasing a NEW DVD in your honor!

Click sad Phil for all the details!

You’l go Bananas for our Gorilla Monsoon Valentine’s Day cards!

Mr. Perfect and Hacksaw Jim Duggan get super sloppy for your amusement!

We Double Dare you to click on their pineapple heads for our latest induction!!

A Pro Wrestling Desecrated Not for the Weak!

Bob Backlund and Superstar Graham in Moments They’d Like You to Forget!

Click the logo, learn all abouts it!

Hey Antonio, Wake Up!

The Raw Meme Event is Here!

Click on the snoring Swiss to find out more!

Ever wondered what would have happened if Nash hadn’t ended Goldberg’s streak?

We have the answer!

It’s in Rewriting the Book!

The great Joe Gagne reviews the Suburban Commando video game!

Yes, they made that.  Don’t ask us why.

Click the Hulkster for all the details!

Have you ever checked out Epic Tweets in Pro Wrestling History?

It’s time you did!

Click here for the entire history!

WWE unveils a new WrestleMania XXX poster and only we have it in an all new Headlie!

Winner Winner Gooker Dinner!

Your 2013 Gooker Winner is Here!

All Hail HEEL Dixie Carter!

We found a Daniel Bryan baseball cap that looks like it needs a shave in an all new Someone Bought This!

Verne Gagne faces his toughest battle yet in an all new Pro Wrestling Desecrated that really bites…


CM PUNK LEAVING WWE!  (Yes, again.)


The new Raw Meme Event is here!

Part III of “Rewriting The Book: What would have happened if Goldberg had never lost at Starrcade ’98″ is now up!

How would you like a cake shaped like Hulk Hogan?

Now you can have it with this Hulk Hogan cake pan featured in an all new Someone Bought This!

We have some exclusive Royal Rumble news about Zack Ryder in an all new Headlie!

BREAKING NEWZ about Sack Of Flour’s future in an all new, sizzling hot Headlie!

WWE Superstars get Punk’d on MTV’s prank show and it’s (supposedly) hilarious.

Click on the logo for all the details in a brand new induction.

Get your Royal Rumble Bingo card right here at WrestleCrap and play along with your buddies as you watch the show!

See the most awesome wrestling comic book prequel ever in an all new Pro Wrestling Desecrated!

No, but I do know what a Raw Meme Event is- and we have a brand new one up for you right now!

Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania menu has been uncovered!

Click on Hulk to read about all the delicious dishes he’s prepared for you, brother!

The Meme Event returns Friday, February 7th!

Get all the details by clicking on the logo!

Goldberg’s story continues in an Part II of an all new Rewriting The Book!

The 2014 WrestleCrap Royal Rumble is here with live updates!

Get to clicking and see who came out on top!

Super Mario Bros + Gulliver’s Travels + All Japan Pro Wrestling = An All New very strange It Came From YouTube!

Find out just who had big plans for the Gimmick Battle Royal at WrestleMania XVII in an all new Epic Tweet In Wrestling History!

New review of Mad Bull- a 70′s Made For TV movie staring the dad from Webster, and featuring Winston from Ghostbusters!

A new Pro Wrestling Desecrated with a Ken Patera joke!

What more do you need to know? CLICK!

A tribute to the late, great Mae Young.

We’ve got this Monday Night Raw Meme Event thing in the bag!

Click for more new funnies!

Find out what would have happened if Bill Goldberg hadn’t lost at Starrcade 1998 in Part 1 of an all new Rewriting The Book!

Miley Cyrus has a special message for the WWE Divas in an all new Epic Tweet In Wrestling History!

Monday Night Raw made its debut 21 years ago! Time flies when you’re watching crap!

We have a full recap of what went down on the historic(ly bad) show! Click on the logo!

What was the very worst of the very worst in 2013?

You make the call!  Gooker voting is live!

Cast your vote by clicking on the bird!

Here’s an all new induction- The 1999 Royal Rumble!

Guaranteed to be Russo-rific!

David “The Masked Man” Shoemaker answers The Count Of 10 in an all new interview!

Old School Raw, but New School jokes in a brand new Raw Meme Event!

The Green Bay Packers know what they need to beat The 49ers… ”Dr. D” David Schultz!

Read all about it in a new Headlie!

You should resolve to read all about WWE Superstars’ New Year’s Resolutions in an all new Headlie!

Happy New Year?

Try POOPY New Year!

Awesome New Induction!!

The complete WrestleCrap Royal Rumble card has been announced! Click on the logo to get all the details!

Prepare for the inevitable in an all new Pro Wrestling Desecrated!

What could Joe Pedicino and Bonnie Blackstone be dreaming of?

How about a contest to start 2014 in which YOU can win free Archive access or books!

An all new Raw Meme Event is here and as always, it’s absolutely perfect!

RD and Blade are here celebrating Christmas, exchanging gifts, and giving YOU the chance to be on OUR show!

Brock Lesnar is here!

And he’s tweeting you all about his UFC History!

Trish Stratus can be all yours!

Find out how in an all new Someone Bought This!

Since 2000, WrestleCrap has been your source for the worst in wrestling.

So let us now review the horror that was 2013!

Year end clearance at WWEShop.com!

We highlight all the best items in Headlies!

Santa didn’t bring you what you wanted?

Have extra cash to blow?

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You can pretend you were at WrestleMania IX and took on Hulk Hogan with this Scoreboard Memories custom photo in an all new Someone Bought This!

Santa knows what he’s getting the naughty kids in an all new Epic Tweet!

Merry Christmas, Crappers!

El Santa Claus!  Pitch!  Lupita!

It’s a Crap from Christmas Past!

The WrestleCrap Rumble is Coming!

Sean Moon…err, Justin Henry is in the Event Center with all the details!

What says Merry Christmas like a Ho Ho Hogan?

New Someone Bought This!

Saturday Night’s Meme Event is here!

This new Epic Tweet really shouldn’t surprise you…

Click on the logo to find out why!

Donkey Kong + King Kong Bundy = Donkey Kong Bundy!

And now you can get him on a t-shirt in an all new Someone Bought This!

It’s time for A Visit From St. Vince in an all new Holiday Headlie!

A Christmas Carol…with the Fonz as Scrooge??!!!!

Yes, kids – it’s true.  And RD Reynolds is here to induct it!

A Fascinating Expose is here for your enjoyment!!

It’s Pro Wrestling Desecrated!!

An all new Raw Meme Event is here! We promise there’s a sexy A.J Lee picture inside, plus lots of funnies, too! Get to clickin’!

Last Minute Christmas Sale: the archives online for just $12.95!

ENDS TODAY – don’t miss out!

Mick Foley has keen observational skills in an all new Epic Tweet In Wrestling History!

R.D helps protect the innocent on Black Friday with WHAT?

Find out in an all new Black Friday episode of The RD And Blade Show!

Why is one WWE fan so upset?

Find out in an all new Headlie!

If this is the WWF’s “Oscar Night”, where were Men on a Mission?

The 1996 Slammy Awards – a New Induction!

Yes, it’s here!

The Scooby Doo – WWE Trailer!!!

Get out Shane McMahon’s old theme, because Here Comes the Money!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! – Get TWO WrestleCrap books for just $15 with FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

140 characters of wrestling history goodness…

Get to clickin’!

Ah-ha! So that’s where he’s been!

More funnies await in an all new Raw Meme Event!

  • New Raw Viewer Fascinated to Learn that Bald Manager Is Paul Heyman. Also, That His Client Is Brock Lesnar.
  • Joe Pedicino, Max Andrews Thrilled About Global Wrestling's Return
  • Paul Orndorff to Play Yosemite Sam in Live Action Looney Tunes Flick
  • KFC Stock Plummets Upon News that Stephanie McMahon has Stolen Colonel Sanders' Tie
  • Jake Roberts: "Didn't Expect Fans at HOF to Cheer My Decision to Use Money on Drugs Instead of Surgery."
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Curtain Jerker: Zeb Coulter

17 Submitted by on Wed, 20 February 2013, 08:00
Well, some in the mainstream press are picking up on Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter’s extremist views on immigration (or, if not extremist, at least uninhibited), which, if you remember JBL goosestepping in Germany 9 years ago, you know that Swagger’s closing in on the title, if not at WrestleMania, then sometime after. Whenever any performer is judged by the Continue Reading...
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Someone Bought This: Stupid Bootleg Wrestling Figures

2 Submitted by on Wed, 20 February 2013, 00:00
My friend (and Loyal Crapper!) Matt over at X-Entertainment did this great article a few years ago on stupid bootleg wrestling figures.  Yeah, some (and by “some” I mean “nearly all”) of them look really, really weird. I guess you could just pretend they’re indy guys. The ring is pretty cheap and ugly, too. That picture of Chris Benoit on the packaging Continue Reading...
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It Came From YouTube: Blade Braxton’s “Alien Ham Story” cartoon

1 Submitted by on Wed, 20 February 2013, 00:00
Crapper “LannysPermJuice” (love that user name!) on YouTube created this fantastic animated cartoon using audio of Blade telling the infamous “Alien Ham Story” from a classic episode of WrestleCrap Radio! It’s a timeless story that nobody should miss, and now it’s even better as a really cool cartoon! Now I want a full half-hour “Don ‘n Blade” animated series chronicling their Continue Reading...
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Classic Induction: Needles the Tailor: The Superstars’ Stitch Bitch

2 Submitted by on Tue, 19 February 2013, 19:36
WWF, 1992 Text by Harry Simon It has been said that “clothes make the man.” But what about the man who makes the clothes that makes the man? What’s his story? Well, in the WWF’s case, he was a nervous little fella who talked like an unholy cross between Professor Frink from The Simpsons and every neurotic middle-aged guy in every Woody Allen Continue Reading...
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Headlies: S.D. Jones is Outside, Trying to Make a Special Delivery

2 Submitted by on Tue, 19 February 2013, 09:00
  Topeka, KS – WCNewz has learned that “Special Delivery” Jones is outside someone’s door right now with a Special Delivery. “I’m from WHS (We Haul Stuff) Delivery Services,” Mr. Jones said loudly, knocking on the wooden shack’s cork-board door. “SD” – well-known for a 9-second loss at the inaugural Wrestlemania against King Kong Bundy – was once a popular Continue Reading...
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Someone Bought This Classic: Rubber Damien

5 Submitted by on Tue, 19 February 2013, 09:00
Rubber Damien Thanks to Hasbro (maker of the little plastic WWF figures we all know, love and collect), now you and your friends can recreate the historic moment when Earthquake gave a Quake Splash to Jake the Snake’s pal Damian. But rubber burgers don’t taste so good in an Easy Bake Oven, pleh! The rubbery reptile even comes with his Continue Reading...
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