Induction: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan – How long should this world title match last? LOL, I’ll pretend you said 18 seconds.

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WWE, 2012

It was Wrestlemania, and wrestling fans around the world were eager to see Daniel Bryan take on Sheamus in a title match on the grandest stage of them all. While not the most heavily-hyped match on the card, this match had the potential to steal the show. Imagine those fans’ surprise when the match ended before they knew it, resulting in a victory for…


…The Great Khali?

Yes, I’m talking about Wrestlemania 27, when the advertised Daniel Bryan-Sheamus match for the United States title got bumped off the pay-per-view, occurring as a dark match, getting interrupted by other superstars, and transforming into a battle royal.

Fortunately, WWE would not pull the same trick two years in a row, as the following year’s Wrestlemania featured the same two superstars in a match too important to be relegated to a non-televised pre-show match. Daniel Bryan was getting hot, with his signature “Yes!” chant popping up in arenas even outside the wrestling world. Meanwhile, Sheamus was coming off an unexpected victory at the Royal Rumble, earning a main event spot on Wrestlemania and challenging Bryan for the World championship. While few expected Bryan to retain his title, this bout would at least have a winner, and it would have a real chance to steal the show.

Instead, all the match stole was the money of naïve fans who thought that, based on the previous 27 Wrestlemanias, advertised world title matches would last longer than 18 seconds and feature more than one move.

It turned out, pissing off half the fans in attendance was WWE’s idea for the perfect kickoff to Wrestlemania.

18sec03To resurrect an old saying, “Anything can happen in WWE!” Say what you will, but Sheamus’s 18-second victory was a Wrestlemania moment to be remembered forever…

…except by those who were out taking a leak or who got home late and flipped on the TV at 8:05 Eastern Time.

You know what else was a Wrestlemania moment? Bart Gunn getting knocked out by Butterbean in 35 seconds. Not that it cast the company in a good light or did anything for Gunn’s career…wmxv08
18sec05And really, this squash didn’t do Sheamus any favors, either. Supposedly a babyface, Sheamus rubbed the 18-second win in Bryan’s face, making him look like a grade-A jerkass, a stigma he still carries with him this day.
Nor did it do any favors for the so-called World Title, which was now firmly established as the B-championship (and that’s only because Superstars didn’t have its own world title to leapfrog it in importance). I mean, could you see a WWE Title match getting the one-and-done treatment? Actually, I’ll stop talking, lest anyone from WWE Creative read this article and get any ideas for another “Wrestlemania moment” this year.18sec06
18sec07One advantage that pro wrestling will always have over MMA or boxing is that, due to its scripted nature, its big fights usually deliver, and always at least attempt to do so. There’s no way to know whether a UFC main event won’t end in mere seconds, but when you order wrestling, you know that the show has been engineered specifically to give you your money’s worth.

There’s no worrying about whether a match will be over before you even have a chance to get drunk, and there’s no need for promoters to throw in some untrained schlub with protective fluid around his brain just because he can sustain verticality for three rounds (fustigation aside).

Somehow, though, someone in WWE thought it would be prudent to throw out the one thing it could always lord over UFC, putting this deliberate stinker on not just any pay-per-view, but the supposed biggest and best pay-per-view of the year, the culmination of a year’s worth of storylines. Whoever responsible was clearly taking a page out of Charlie “I’ve already got your money, dude” Sheen’s playbook, except at least the unhinged actor didn’t beg his disgruntled audience to see his next one-man show that he promised would totally be worth it, honest!18sec08
18sec09WWE did essentially that by holding off the real Bryan-Sheamus match until the next month’s event, turning their Mania bout into a cheap (well, very expensive) plug for their rematch. At least the follow-up would be two-out-of-three falls, but I’m sure there were fans who figured that Sheamus would just hit the Brogue Kick and pin his unconscious challenger in two straight falls.
Plus, it wasn’t just Wrestlemania’s reputation that got tarnished by this fiasco, but the Royal Rumble’s as well. The pay-off of the big thirty-man, 60-minute match was for its winner to not only jerk the curtain at Wrestlemania, but to win the title in a glorified forfeit.

Sheamus got to “main-event” Wrestlemania, just like The Allied Powers and The Blu Twins.

18sec10.5(Fun fact: Sheamus’s “main event at Wrestlemania” ended up lasting two seconds longer than his post-Rumble pyro)
At least Yokozuna got a ten-minute match on the Grandest Stage after his ’93 Rumble win, even if right afterward he lost it in the blink of an eye (a blink which still lasted 4 seconds longer than Sheamus-Bryan).18sec11
18sec12And just to add insult (to intelligence) to injury, we were then repeatedly told that the 18-second match had set a “new world record” for shortness. That is, if you ignore Wrestlemania 24’s 11-second squash between Chavo Guerrero and Kane, both of whose careers really took off as a result.
Hell, it wasn’t even Sheamus’s shortest match; two years earlier, he had squashed Zack Ryder in an 11-second WWE title defense.18sec13
18sec14So this Wrestlemania moment wasn’t even original; it had already been done numerous times at many events, including prior Wrestlemanias (Bundy-SD Jones, Hart Foundation-Bolsheviks, Earthquake-Bomb, Misterio-JBL). The “novelty” was that it happened in a match people wanted to see.Surprise! It’s sort of like a hack magician whose signature trick is making a coin disappear, except instead of his own coin, it’s yours, and you happen to live in a country that mints a $55 piece.
No, the true Wrestlemania moments can’t be manufactured; they have to occur organically. Moments like Maria Menounos’s spray-tan skid mark.18sec15
I guess in the end, it all came down to time constraints, as WWE decided beforehand that if any match was expendable, it was their World title match. Not the Divas tag team match, which could have been moved to the pre-show…
…or Big Show’s victory over Cody Rhodes, which was just begging to be an 18-second knockout, considering the entire build was Cody taunting the Big Show for always choking at Wrestlemania.18sec17
18sec18Plus, there was a certain other high-profile match that a lot of people (but not Bret Hart) are fans of, but could probably have stood to lose, say, its first two or three hours.
And if WWE really wanted to trim the fat off their supercard, they could have axed the Dancing Mamas segment with Brodus Clay, a sideshow it knew nobody paid to see because it was never advertised…18sec19
18sec20…or this dreadful Santino-Foley segment that not only wasn’t advertised, but was itself an advertisement for another TV program!

A TV program airing on a rival network!

On the most expensive show of the year!

Yet all of this Monday-morning booking ignores another, much more important point. Unlike other (minor) matches that had been shortened or cancelled at the last minute (Bulldog-Warlord, Bigelow-Kamala, etc.) because certain matches ended up running too long, Bryan-Sheamus got gutted by show-runners before Mania even went on the air. There were no unforeseen circumstances that forced a change of plans; somebody looked at the card as advertised and realized in advance that it would run too long. So why in the hell would WWE promote in the first place more matches than it knew it could deliver?!18sec21
mmrhigherresNot now, Rock. Too pissed off.
Phew, I need to cool down. Maybe you do, too. Here are some gifs of Brian Pillman walking a dog to the ring.18sec23
18sec24“Along with Man’s Best Friend!”
Feel better now? Good, now I have a question for all the Crappers, even those like me who don’t love Daniel Bryan quite enough to Photoshop themselves into his engagement photos:

(I, for instance, used GIMP)

18sec26Is there any way this debacle wasn’t Wrestlecrap?

Well, the rip-off opening bout got the fans really angry to kick off the show, chanting “Yes!” and “Daniel Bryan” (and some bovine chants) for the next four matches. That’s got to be worth something, right? Hey, don’t think I’m being sarcastic here; this was an actual excuse given by a small group of wishful-thinkers online.

These true believers swore up and down that the WM28 bait-and-switch was just part of an intricate game of chess being played by Vince and company to get Daniel Bryan over.18sec20.5
18sec27If the fans jeering in disapproval for a whole show proved the 18-second match was a good thing, then everybody chanting, “We Want Flair!” all throughout Great American Bash ’91 proved that the Nature Boy’s firing from WCW was a genius move. It just made the fans even more excited than ever to see Flair return years later! Although at least his next title reign lasted longer than five minutes…
Another excuse for the 18-second match? It got people eager to see the rematch at Extreme Rules the next month! You know, I would think that if you had paid $55 to see a match, you’d be less than ecstatic to find out that if you wanted to see it happen for real, you’d have to shell out another 40-some dollars. In fact, when you factor in the Wrestlemania 27 match that never aired, that’s up to 150 bucks you’d have to pay just to see the Sheamus-Bryan match you’d already purchased twice before on pay-per-view. At least if these were TNA pay-per-views, you could deduct the cost from your taxes as a charitable donation.18sec28
18sec29Any other upsides? Well, the 18-second squash helped Bryan develop his character by having a meltdown and dumping AJ. I’m not sure why that would require an 18-second non-match at the biggest and most expensive event of the year, or why said squash couldn’t just take place in a rematch the next night on free TV, but then again, I haven’t played chess in years. Surely WWE knew exactly what they were doing right from the start with their convoluted strategy to make Daniel Bryan a star. Over the course of 24 months. Right?

Okay, Rock, it’s fine now.mmrhigherres


When the rumor made its rounds earlier this year that Daniel Bryan would be facing Sheamus yet again at Wrestlemania, a lot of people on the web freaked out about Bryan once again being pushed out of the main event picture by a WWE that had lost touch with its fans. They shouldn’t have, though. Sheamus-Bryan 1 got turned into a battle royal, and the sequel got cut down to 18 seconds. What more poetic finale could there be to the Sheamus-Bryan Wrestlemania trilogy than to have the third match cancelled before it even got booked?

And for once, you didn’t have to pay fifty-five bucks to not see it.

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Art has been writing inductions for WrestleCrap since 2012. He also writes reviews of old Monday Night Raws, posted here every other Sunday. You can find his old reviews at the "How Much Does This Guy Weigh?" blog. Follow him on Twitter @Art0Donnell. Email at:
59 Responses to "Induction: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan – How long should this world title match last? LOL, I’ll pretend you said 18 seconds."
  1. RD Reynolds says:

    Awesome stuff! I was so ticked that Mania…

  2. Scrooge McSuck says:

    True story: I practically gave up WWE from June 2007 through 2011 (I would news lurk, but that’s it). Hearing of this sad excuse of a match made me watch WM 28 to see the backlash from the crowd. I’ve been hooked ever since thanks to in ring talents like D-Bry, CM Punk, Cesaro, etc. etc. having good matches regularly despite the lack of direction most of the company has.

  3. Justin Henry says:

    I feel vindicated.

  4. CaptainRon says:

    Oh man, I remember how angry I was. I was especially excited to see this match because my two favorite wrestlers, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, two guys I first saw at the Elks Lodge in Queens, were main eventing the biggest show of the year. It was like when Eddy Guerrero and [STEVIE RICHARDS] celebrated at the end of WrestleMania XX.

    So there I am, at my annual WrestleMania party, psyched to see Daniel Bryan wrestling in front of that crowd. To say I was angry was an understatement, but what made me livid was that they gave something like ten minutes to that Brodus Clay garbage that NOBODY wanted to see when they could’ve used that time for Bryan-Seamus.

    But, on the other hand, I have a feeling that Bryan will be having the last laugh at the end of the show this year. There’s no way they can mess THAT one up. Right? Right?

    Gorilla? Gorilla?

  5. I was in the crowd and man were we pissed

  6. John C says:

    Well Vince will really have Daniel over when Trips decides to do the Ultimate Warrior squash to him in honor of Mr. Hellwig’s appearance.

  7. Caveman says:

    I don’t know if I’d truly consider this match wrestlecrap. While this “match” seemed like a crappy ripoff at the time (and I was ticked off to see it unfold – although I thought the start/finish with the kiss distraction was hilarious in a way), it did tell more of a story than many other matches these days. In addition, one can’t deny that it was an (probably unintentionally) important piece in the puzzle of making Daniel Bryan as popular as he is today. It also launched A.J. Lee’s career as a heel which led to her bedding her childhood idol’s boyfriend CM Punk which ultimately lead to her record-setting Divas Championship reign. One could argue it devalued the World Heavyweight Championship a bit more than it already had been, but this also lead to the unification with the WWE Championship, which seems to be a good thing. Sheamus O’Shaunessy, while being the winner on paper, was the true looser of this match as a supposed good guy that blindsided a helpless opponent that received a good luck kiss to win another World Championship in a questionable manner (which sadly enough wasn’t as bad as John Cena jumping through the table in the tables match without Sheamus’ doing in the Irishman’s first World Title “victory”). I’m certain he had to call his own 1-800-FELLA hotline because of the trauma he’d suffered from this bout.

    • Justin Henry says:

      that’s the big reason why it’s Crap: WWE likely thought Sheamus would end up looking great after this, and it cut him off so badly at the knees.

      • Guest says:

        Not as bad as when they had him job to Randy Orton as Champion a couple of years prior to this match, after establishing long before said feud that Sheamus was an unstoppable monster heel.

        He kept getting beat on by Randy who was the damn challenger to Sheamus’s title reign.

    • Al Lobama says:

      I agree. Bad booking and Wrestlecrap are two completely different things. There were no stereotypical/clichéd characters or ridiculous gimmicks on display, the match didn’t take place on the back of an 18 wheeler nor were the combatants attached to bungee cords, and Daniel Bryan didn’t wrestle in a bear costume (although that would have the entire WM a hundred times better). If Sheamus and Bryan were fighting over a frozen turkey, I would agree with you, but they were fighting for a World Title. This was a short match that should have been a long match, and while that may have been a stupid thing for a company to do, let’s be honest…this wasn’t Jim Herd level stupidity on display here. This wasn’t the Ding Dongs or Spartacus Ric Flair, it was a non-gimmick match with non-gimmick wrestlers that had a finish the fans didn’t like. If things like “the match should have been longer” or “that match shouldn’t have been on the pre-show” become the new standard for Wrestlecrap, then THAT, in my opinion, is Wrestlecrap.

      • Justin Henry says:

        If you pay $55 or $65 for a show, and it shits in your face in one degree or another, then you are entitled to call something ‘Crap’ if you please.

        • Al Lobama says:

          Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that alienating a paying audience by shortchanging a World Title match is incredibly stupid thing for a wrestling that should know better to do, but if Wrestlecrap is now being qualified as “this match wasn’t worth the money I paid to see it” then this site will have to induct two-thirds of the wrestling produced by the United States in the 21st Century. I respect your opinion and appreciate the hard work of everyone who’s contributed to this site over the years, but in my opinion inductions like this tread a slippery slope. Using the arguments in this induction for Sheamus/Bryan, a case could be made for the Honky Tonk Man/Ultimate Warrior IC Title match at SummerSlam ’88 being worthy of induction (and I encourage Kofi Johnson to get to work on that one right away ;)), and personally I think this site becomes a less fun place when unpopular booking decisions like Bryan-less Royal Rumble or babyface Miz get page time over completely ludicrous gimmicks like Super Duper Mario or Ken the Box. I realize I’m clearly in the minority here, and that’s fine and well, so I guess I’ll leave it at that rather than open up another can of worms and take away from the good time of others.

          • Justin Henry says:

            Honky wasn’t a beloved pseudo-heel, he was a chicken-shit that got squashed. Yes, Bryan played a chicken-shit, but since half the audience loved him, doing what they did was horribly short-sighted

            • Al Lobama says:

              Honky was the biggest money-drawing heel the WWF had at that time. He was main-eventing sold out house shows, and even after holding the IC Title for over a year he was STILL at the peak of his heat. To me, it was short-sighted for the WWF to squash that heat by jobbing him out to a green wrestler with limited endurance and ability who didn’t do even half of the business Honky did when put in a position to do so. HTM could have easily continued to draw big money for the company if they kept the belt on him for another six to twelve months, but instead they killed a golden goose by feeding him to a duck that laid copper eggs. So Warrior/Honky, I think, is a fair comparison to make, as Bryan is wrestler who could easily lay some golden eggs if the WWE gave him a nest, but instead they gave his opportunity to the guy who was given multiple opportunities to draw money and failed each time.

      • Anonymous says:

        This was one of the biggest examples of wrestlecrap ever. It just wasn’t FUNNY wrestlecrap like most of what’s on this site.

        • Al Lobama says:

          I absolutely agree with you on the fact that the subject matter of Sheamus/Bryan is more frustrating and sad than funny (although Art did his usual bang up job in writing some very funny jokes), and I guess that’s why I’m hesitant to label this Wrestlecrap. As bad as the booking was, it could have been a hell of a lot WORSE. Instead of simply calling Daniel Bryan Goat Face as an insult to garner heat, the WWE could have made him a wrestling Goat Boy, like Jim Breuer on SNL. He could have come to the ring with a bell around his neck and Barbarian-esque horn headdress with goat legging boots! He could have eaten tin cans in the corner as a stalling tactic, and yelled “bah bah” after hitting a big move! And don’t get me started on Sheamus! So count your blessings that Vince only chose to bury Bryan by making him do a job at WrestleMania! 🙂

    • Cuthbert says:

      So many things I disagree with.

      First off, it didn’t tell any meaningful story. It set back every character involved in it. It definitely was not an important piece of what made Bryan what he is today. It took years to recover from that match.

      Lee sleeping with Punk has nothing to do with anything.

      The unification of the belts has been a disaster from start to finish. They need to split them again, or due a true unification/retirement and have only one belt.

      Sheamus absolutely came out behind, but he definitely wasn’t the biggest loser in the match. Bryan wins that award.

  8. BasketBoll says:

    Great induction. It’s sad how WWE fans today keep saying “let’s just where this goes”.
    I’m sure if HHH beat Bryan and then main evented mania against Batista and Orton, fans would find ways to justify it as being “Bryan will EVENTUALLY GET THAT BIG WIN”.

    If it wasn’t for fans violently reacting against WWE’s booking, they would have happily went with Batista vs Orton.

  9. Rose Harmon says:

    Funniest induction in a while! Hopefully we’ll see the star-making performance this year.

  10. Alan says:

    It’s definitely a moment that will always be remembered, whether we like it or not. It did damage both, although Bryan The next night, the post-Wrestlemania crowd started the Yes Movement, and the rest is history. Let’s also not forget that the poor guy got released in June 2010 after choking Justin freaking Roberts with a tie. Fired in 2010, screwed at ‘Mania 27 & 28, retained the Wotld Tag Team Titles last year with Kane as Team Hell No, and likely (highly likely) he main events Wrestlemania 30. WWE CAN’T screw this up, can they? History unfortunately suggests otherwise. At least Bryan recovered faster than Sheamus has, who has become totally irrelevant, and more so since returning from injury.

  11. ChunkyLover53 says:

    I don’t know if I would consider it(or any parts of the event) Wrestlecrap. I was there live and judging by the crowds reaction, they didn’t have a problem with it.

    Plus, you can look at it in a kayfabe POV that Daniel Bryan was a cowardly heel always escaping by the skin of his teeth to keep his World Heavyweight Title(just remember how he won it), so Sheamus, the ever opportunist made sure he wouldn’t deal with any of that trickery.

    Yes, they could’ve had a 25 minute classic, but I feel it was memorable in its own way. WrestleMania starting out with an immediate World Title change isn’t something that has been done before, so I thought it was interesting to try that.

    Plus, its not like it was the most heavily promoted match on the card. In that particular order, I would go with Rock/Cena. Undertaker/Triple H, CM Punk/Chris Jericho, and then Sheamus/Daniel Bryan.

    I feel that match served its own purpose and the crowd was happy, so in the end, that’s whats important.

    • Justin Henry says:

      so happy they were chanting “DANIEL BRYAN” all through Orton and Kane?

    • Paul says:

      Ladies and gentlemen… WWE’s favorite mark.

    • Guffrey says:

      I’m sick of hearing how this pathetic match “did what it was designed to.” If that’s the case, then that’s the exact problem – it should never have been designed to do what it did. It was offensive to everyone who was already pissed off at how their match the previous year was bumped from the card, and to everyone who simply wanted to see a decent match. I know some intellectually lazy marks like to say “well not all matches have to go 40 minutes” as if that’s the issue here. The issue isn’t length, so much as that it wasn’t a match. Edge/Del Rio had a good match the previous year in about 11 minutes, and there was easily enough time for Sheamus/Bryan to get that at a minimum.

      Besides which, neither Bryan nor Sheamus got any more over due to this angle than they would have otherwise. If anything, it just damaged them both.

      • Guest says:

        This damage Daniel Bryan how considering in the months that follow he wound up teaming up with Kane and capturing the tag titles while Sheamus well did not much of note other than feud with Big Show.

  12. Hashington says:

    Wrestlecrap isnt limited to bad gimmicks. It can include all the bad things in wrestling: poor ring work (gayda match), poor acting (linda), nonsensical booking (russo), politics (hogan/hbk), wrestlers acting like idiots in real life, etc

    By your logic Sting vs Hardy was also not a bad match, it was just too short.

    • Hashington says:

      Meant as a reply to Al Lobama

      • Al Lobama says:

        Thank you for the reply! I always look forward to a free and open exchange of ideas and opinions. In response to your previous statements…
        1.) I have no logic. I am a professional wrestling fan, so therefore “logic” is not a part of my system of beliefs. The fact that I have spent as much time as I have debating the definition of a word that does not technically exist in the English language should be proof of this.
        2.) I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I don’t think the Sting/Jeff Hardy Victory Road match has ever been inducted on this site, which would technically not make it Wrestlecrap (yet). But since you made the comparison, I will share my opinion and agree that it should not be inducted, but not for the reason you suggest. Simply put, what happened in that match was a real life lapse of judgment (by more than one person) that had nothing to do with any storyline or angle, and it makes me sad to even think about it. Not exactly the type of thing conducive to a humor site.
        3.) I see your point about Wrestlecrap taking many forms. Using the previous example, I don’t find anything funny or humorous about Jeff Hardy’s impaired condition at Victory Road, but when Jake Roberts did the same thing with the volume turned up to eleven at Heroes of Wrestling it became Wrestlecrap gold. What’s the difference between the two? Is there a difference at all? Is it hypocritical to find one personal demon funny and the other sad? I honestly don’t know, and it kind of bothers me that I don’t.
        Which brings me back to Sheamus/Daniel Bryan. I’ve made it no secret that I prefer the humorous gimmick inductions over the “boy was that match/PPV awfu?l” inductions, and that viewpoint played more of a role of in my opinion of its worthiness that even I realized at first. I’ve always come to this site to laugh, to read about something funny that happened in wrestling history written by a guy who can make the situation even funnier. “Hey, look at how ridiculous that was? Let’s all have a good laugh about it!” But with Sheamus/Bryan, the opinion is coming from a place of anger rather than humor. As fans, we’re MAD Daniel Bryan wasn’t allowed to have a ***** match, and THAT’S why it should be Wrestlecrap! Had the induction treated the whole scenario of the WWE possibly having the next money drawing superstar right under their nose and being in complete denial about it to the point of shooting it in the foot before the race even began as a concept even more ludicrous than the Black Scorpion wrestling the Shockmaster in a Coal Miner’s Glove Match, I wouldn’t argue one bit. If we, as fans, were able to LAUGH at the ridiculousness of how badly WWE dropped the ball with this match instead of taking up arms and storming the Bastille because “How COULD they?!!,” then you would have some Wrestlecrap for the ages!

  13. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Glad you referenced the Cody-Show match because that was screaming to be over in the blink of an eye

    I’m a great believer in the first match up being really strong as it gets the crowd going early – first and last matches are usually the ones people remember

  14. Jason says:

    I liked the 18 seconds. I like it when heels fail spectacularly and I like it when assholes get paid back in kind

    • Guffrey says:

      On Raw, yes. As the opening match for Wrestlemania, no. Besides, explain why it needed to only be 18 seconds in order for Bryan to fail. You can’t, because precedent clearly shows otherwise.

      • Jason says:

        it didn’t need to be. but just because something is something that it didn’t need to be doesn’t make it bad

  15. I think the two biggest points made about this match from this induction were:

    A) Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes could have had the same match, and it would have made more sense.
    B) It made not just WrestleMania, but the Royal Rumble look bad too.

    The World Title is gone now, so hopefully this kind of thing won’t happen again.

    • Jason says:

      it would have been to predictable. Cody and Show had a surprisingly enjoyable match

      • Guffrey says:

        And Bryan/Sheamus couldn’t? You’ve completely contradicted yourself here, you said you like seeing heels fail yet Rhodes/Big Show was clearly the match that, out of the two, would have meant far more to see the heel faceplant than Sheamus/Bryan, and would also have made much more sense. But you’d rather see an IC title match go a few minutes than a world title match that many people paid a lot of money to see.

        Love is blind.

        • Jason says:

          honestly? I think if you’re only interested in one match you shouldn’t buy the PPV. And I don’t feel I’m contradicting myself. I owuldn’t have minded Cody being squashed, but there are reasons WWE wouldn’t do it, IE that was the predictable short match

        • Guest says:

          The fact that they had a major title match as the opening match should’ve set people’s BS Meter off.

  16. mrjuju says:

    I can remember having a bunch of folks over for that Wrestlemania, and my friend’s sister was just absolutely crazy about this match. All she was looking forward to was Bryan/Shamus, it was her only reason for showing up it would seem. Right before the show started up she ran to the bathroom as she didn’t want to miss anything important…

    To our credit, we all yelled for her to hurry up when the entrances began, and she did hurry. But when she came in 30 seconds later, jokingly asking what she missed, there was much confusion and bewilderment.

  17. That Don Guy says:

    The “announced” WWE record, AFAIK, is six seconds by Uncle Elmer on a Saturday Night’s Main Event. However, somebody (I want to say Undertaker’s first wife Sara) pinned DDP in somewhere between 3 and 4 seconds.

    The NWA/WCW record is held by Magnum TA, who pinned some jobber on one of the TBS Saturday WCW shows in four seconds (right after King Kong Bundy had set the “world record” of 9 seconds – one of very few times he DIDN’T demand that the referee count to 5).

    • CBCB says:

      If we’re talking non-title matches, The Rock pinned the Big Bossman at Survivor Series 1998 in 4 seconds. It wasn’t announced to the crowd, but Jim Ross did mention it as a record on commentary when it happened. I’m not sure if that record has been matched or broken since then, though.

      As for Sara pinning DDP, according to The History of WWE website ( – scroll to the August 20, 2001 Raw is War), that “match” was around a minute long.

  18. Doc 902714 says:

    “Not the Divas tag team match, which could have been moved to the pre-show…”

    NOT having Eve on the WM PPV card. How dare you?

    Plus thanks for the pic in the induction?

  19. Jerichoholic Ninja says:

    The best thing about this is that it led to a funny moment the next year when it looked like Dolph would suffer the “Kiss AJ, get immediately pinned” fate.

    And just throwing in my two cents, I don’t think the match helped Daniel Bryan’s career at all (and anyone who thinks it was part of a plan to get him over is an idiot, remember when they tried to give the Yes chants to Sheamus?). But I think it can be said that this match helped enrage people to the point where the “Yes” chant became a form of protest. And had Bryan simply lost in 10 minutes, I don’t think it would have happened to the degree that it did. Did it help Bryan’s career? Nope. Did it help the Yes chant catch on? I believe so.

  20. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    I fully expect the next induction to be The Rock vs Big Bossman at Survivor Series 1998. That “match” was 3 SECONDS LONG.

  21. Guffrey says:

    There are no valid defences for this match. Anyone who still says this “served its purpose” needs to be challenged on why the purpose couldn’t have been served by a proper match.

  22. Mike W says:


    That was my initial reaction to this match. Luckily I didn’t pay for this ppv. (Streams are your friend.)

    But looking back on this match, I think if it taught us anything. Is that now more than anything the fans if they are passionate enough about a performer,can influence a product. How else can you explain Daniel Bryan’s career since this? If I told you on April 1,2012 that in two years he was going to be in the main angle at WrestleMania XXX. You would think I was on drugs after this match.

    Many people will say this hurt Sheamus in the long run and I agree to an extent. But I will also say he was a victim of “too much,too soon.” long before this moment happened. He is talented and he works hard. Cannot deny that. But he shouldn’t have won the WWE title that quickly when he won in 2009.

  23. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I’m going to try to be serious but if watching WWE over the past 8-9 months since Money in the Bank I have realised that the WWE product does not need Sheamus – I didn’t miss him one iota during his surgery and recuperation – non of his blandness and “I’m everyone’s mate” promos; I understand he’s been booked badly but I think WWE would do some favours by letting him go

    Just my thought…

    • Guest says:

      Pfffttt and Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Los Matadors, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry,Big Show & Fandango are needed?

  24. charles u says:

    you know what the real same of Bryan VS Sheamus at WM is? They can have good matches together, hell it was Bryan vs sheamus on raw (The one that made sheamus look like a killer heel and Bryan as a man with more heart than the entire locker room combined) that kept me a WWE fan while giving me insight as to how talented D-Bry is.

  25. TheDude says:

    while i get why a lot of people were upset about this, i enjoyed it. im a fan of both, but have friends who are insane bryan fans, and i love lording this over them lol.

    as far as sheamus goes, ive always been a fan and im glad hes back as im not a fan of the vast majority of WWEs current roster. the main problem with sheamus is WWEs insistance on pushing him as a face, when hes far better off as a heel. a heel turn would work wonders for him, and personally i would like to see him bring back the king sheamus gear.

  26. Mr Maddog says:

    Results of that 18-second match… D-Bry breaks up and later tries to marry AJ, who ends up being the GM of Raw and makes him go to anger management courses with Kane.

    Yep, that’s Wrestlecrap alright…

    • Adam says:

      Unintended side-effects – they had to do something with him, to shut up the audience. Bryan would have sunken faster than Miz, after his title loss, if the crowds hadn’t “rebelled”.

  27. adamclark52 says:

    That match was fourteen seconds too long

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