WWE May Not be Rey Mysterio’s Pueblo for Much Longer

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CM Punk’s walkout seems legitimate, Alberto Del Rio is leaning toward retirement, and Christian’s reportedly due to take a walk when his deal lapses. Seems though Rey Mysterio could be part of this generational shift, with reports that no effort has been made to extend his expiring contract, and that Rey was removed from a San Diego live event this weekend.

That San Diego portion of the story is especially damning; this is a company that would haul Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young in for every TV show held in South Carolina, so they’re all too cognizant of where each star they book is located. If the company’s nonchalant about the low attendance, you’d think Rey’s days of cobbling together knee ligaments with spirit glue and duct tape might be about over. Good for his health, at least.

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11 Responses to "WWE May Not be Rey Mysterio’s Pueblo for Much Longer"
  1. John C says:

    Thankfully there’s Sin Cara as the backup plan to be the next big star. What could go wrong with that idea?

  2. Alexandru says:

    Yeah I agree good for his health but it might be a little too late, as it seems like his knee is completely shot after all the injuries/surgeries. Honestly probably should have retired years ago. Oh well it was an amazing career

  3. Matt Soileau says:

    They could always get El Hijo de Rey Misterio (Sr). But, they’d probably take the mask off and make him the third Matador.

  4. Walt says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Dixie tried to sign him. If he does sign, he’ll be TNA champ within a month…standard contract clause for ex-WWE wrestler.

  5. Mister Forth says:

    This feels more & more like when Lesnar left. They now have to make stars again.

  6. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I was hoping that Michael Cole would be part of this generational shift…

    • Anonymous says:

      I vote we (and by “we” I mean “every wrestling fan in existence”) throw a literal party when Cole retires.

      • Mike Rotch says:

        You don’t speak for all wrestling fans. I’m not a fan of Cole but I’m not spiteful enough to want people to retire just because they’re annoying at what they’re told to do. You come across the same way as the idiots who celebrate when Cena gets injured and moan that it’s not a career-threatening one. It’s not Cole’s fault that WWE hasn’t done a good job of creating any legitimate replacements for lead commentator (and destroyed JR’s credibility) any more than it’s Cena fault that WWE keeps going to the well with him and Orton when fans are dying for fresh blood.

        Cole’s doing what he’s asked to do, and he’s doing it well. We both agree that what he’s being asked to do is asinine and detrimental to the product, but that’s not Cole’s problem. He’s just earning a living, same as the rest of us.

  7. Mike Rotch says:

    To be honest, it was only a matter of time before WWE started to phase Mysterio out. He’ll always be a draw with the fans, especially kids who’ve grown up with him in WWE and hardcore WCW/ECW fans that will always respect his earlier work, but he simply can’t keep up physically anymore and he’s at the stage where he’s a liability to himself and to anyone he enters the ring with. It’s unfortunate timing that it’s happened with Punk’s future in doubt and with Del Rio and Christian contemplating retirement, not to mention Mysterio could potentially have freshened up the stagnant title scene, but it has to happen sooner rather than later. Nobody wants to remember Rey as the guy who has a few weeks or months at most in the ring then injures his knee and spends months out. They want to remember him as the awesome high-flying legend he is, someone who broke barriers for smaller wrestlers by becoming one of the most decorated men in WWE’s heavyweight division while never needing to go through a cynical heel turn or change his appearance like Bischoff seemed to think he’d have to just to stay relevant in the Cruiserweight division. But the longer he’s allowed to keep putting himself through this, the sadder it’s going to get. It’s better for everyone if he’s kept as a regular or semi-regular public presence (especially with WWE recently opening offices in Mexico) while only very occasionally getting in the ring.

    This may also be good news for WWE in the long run, because they’re close to having their hand forced into committing to making new, long-term main event stars. They don’t need to drop Orton and Cena, they just need to make sure there’s enough credible alternatives that we’re not constantly having to sit through either or both of them dominating the title scene for months on end. They need to keep pushing Sheamus. They need to turn Miz full-blown heel again and get him back into the mix. They obviously need to keep pushing Daniel Bryan. They need to decide what to do with Ziggler, who unfortunately might also be hampered physically after his concussions. If Jericho makes another return they ought to push him hard as well. And they need to pull the trigger on guys that are on the cusp, like Cody Rhodes, Cesaro, and Kingston. They should also get the IC or US title on Damien Sandow and start repairing the damage done to him by his lackluster MITB campaign. They don’t need to do all of these things at once, but incrementally over the next 12-18 months or so.

    Of course you might disagree with some of my particular choices, but I doubt many will disagree with the overall necessity of getting some legitimate main-eventers cemented as quickly and as seamlessly as practical. I don’t mean just playing hot potato with the world title like WCW did or like TNA is sort of doing to try and force main-event legitimacy on people who haven’t been built enough to be accepted as such. I mean committing to the long game, creating an entire generation, and not allowing WWE to slip into another period of creative decline and audience apathy that undoes years of effort ala the mid-90’s and early part of this century.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Seemed like he was rushed back too early from his latest knee surgery just to get him on the Survivor Series card even though he was visibly still limping, but yet the past 2-3 months have shown they don’t even know what to do with him from week to week, so what was the point in bringing him back?

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