Once Again, Botchamania is the Best Show Going Today

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For the second straight year, Maffew Gregg’s Botchamania took home Best TV Show (because you can watch YouTube on your televisions) in the annual RSPW Awards. For a balloting that dates back to 1990, when 27 wrestling fans had the internet and all of them clamored for a Brad Armstrong push, it’s unclear whether Maffew’s dominance in the category is evolution or the opposite. It beat Raw with three times as many vote points, indicating that viewers prefer for the one presenting botches and blunders to actually be in on the joke.

Maffew’s a proud friend of the WrestleCrap family (even when he can’t remember his site login), and because of our association with the man, we extend this special congratulations. FACK!

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9 Responses to "Once Again, Botchamania is the Best Show Going Today"
  1. David P. says:

    uMo 4 Life, Brother! 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    What’s most interesting is that OSW Review had the most votes for first place. I voted OSW first and then Botchamania purely because I get more enjoyment out of OSW. Probably because they really lay it in to that cunt Hogan but also because they come across as genuine in their opinions. Obviously, it’s two different focuses but I prefer something, no disrespect intended, more substantial. Still, give credit where credit’s due and well done to Maffew.

  3. Mister Forth says:

    Look at the adjective. Today.

  4. MANnY says:

    I had a uMo sign with Cornette face and all at SummerSlam this past year. Walked by a couple of camera guys that were filming the crowd and had them looking at me like, “really?” . I was like hell yea.

    uMo for life!

    Keep up the good work Maffew and WC peeps.

  5. Matt Soileau says:

    OSW is number 2. An excellent show as well. It may be number 2, but it’s not, well, THAT number 2…

  6. Matt Soileau says:

    Also, I could definitely see 1990 smarks clamor for a Brad Armstrong push. Shoot, probably a Dino Bravo world title run or something too…

  7. ?? says:

    Everybody know that without Maffew, no Botchamania. He make it to be the Botchamania. And please don’t say “OSW, OSW.” Maffew, number one. Botchamania, number one. OSW, hack phew. If you respect the Maffew you are the real, otherwise you low-life jobber worse than the Hulk Hogan forever.

  8. Well Done says:

    Congratulations to Maffew. However, I’d love to know who made the original three Botchamania videos.

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