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Hey, friends! Been a while, hasn’t it. No, I’m not coming out of retirement. This one’s gonna really stick like Shawn Mich– err, scratch that. Like Daniel Bry– err, that won’t work either. Edge? Undertaker? Goldberg? Oh, wait, I know, Steve Austin! Yeah, that works! I’m retired like Steve Austin!

And like ol’ Stone Cold (STONE COLD STONE BAH GAWD COLD), I’ve got me a podcast that I’d like to tell you about. Not a wrestling podcast, though. I’m following another passion: music. Me and fellow former RTB writer Neil Cathan (you know, the guy who was better at it than me) have teamed up on a music-based podcast called Have You Heard This?.

The concept is simple: Neil’s 14 years younger than me, and we come from different continents (he England, and me the Colonies). Naturally, we have different views on music, as we grew up in different generations and locations. We do have some crossover, but it’s the differences that we’re exploring here. Every episode, Neil recommends me an album and I do the same for him, seeking to expand each other’s libraries and tastes. Sometimes we come upon a great album, and sometimes we don’t … but it’s all in the spirit of sharing what we love.

RD, ever the gracious man that he he is (no sarcasm here, the dude is a saint), has allowed me to post this little advert for the podcast, so I’m hoping you’ll give it a listen. And it isn’t hard, as we’re available on six different platforms. I’m sure you have ONE of these apps on your phone. Below you’ll find links to our show on all six platforms (we’re working on Apple Podcasts):


Google Podcasts:



Pocket Casts:


Pick your platform and give it a listen. If you enjoy it, be sure to like it, subscribe, rate and review it, and most of all , share it with friends! We really want to grow this thing, and we need your help to do it. We won’t be changing the world or saving lives here, but we’d still like an audience we need several pairs of hands and feet to count. We’ll also have social media soon, so you’ll be able to communicate with us and offer suggestions, feedback and general abuse. Please, remember, all comments are recorded for posterity, so if you’re abusive, be sure to make it funny.

PS – yes, I’m aware of the audio issues in the first episode. First time out with the recording software we’re using. The second episode, which just released today, is better in that regard.

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