Matt loves The Yeti!

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Friend of WrestleCrap Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula loves wrestling.

More specially, he loves The Yeti!

And so do we of course!

So go check out Matt’s new blog post about The Yeti.

It’s a loving tribute to our favorite wrestling mummy who emerged from a giant block of ice.

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4 Responses to "Matt loves The Yeti!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    Matt sure does love the Yet-tay!

  2. The Nacho Man Sandy Ravage says:

    So basically the Yettay (or whatever) was supposed to be WCWs version of Giant Gonzalez. never knew that. never knew they morphed him from a mummy into a ninja either.

    but then again why would I? I didn’t watch WCW during that time. I barely caught any of the WWF either. But that makes sense. I always wondered why they would name what was very obviously a mummy after a sasquatch. I remember Gigante having medical issues and they appear to have been caught off guard and called an audible. Grab a big dude and wrap him up in bandages and we’ll figure it out later. But they seemed to give up on saving it at all by making him a ninja.

    Which BTW, I’m not an expert on the subject but aren’t ninjas supposed to be stealthy? A 7 foot ninja dressed like a bootleg version of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is not stealthy. I’m pretty sure they are capable of doing incredible acrobatic martial arts moves as well. I can’t see the Super Ninja Yetay doing that.

    Too bad really. They could have made him an Undertaker like character. Draw his power from an Egyptian artifact. Oh well.

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