Curtain Jerker 2/27/13: Best WM Ever

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Another straight forward one: what is the greatest WrestleMania of all time, and why?

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16 Responses to "Curtain Jerker 2/27/13: Best WM Ever"
  1. The Gold Standard says:

    I personally think WM 5 was the greatest WrestleMania of all time. Haku vs. Hercules was a great opening match, Perfect vs. Blue Blazer rocked the house, The Brain Busters (no more needs to be said), Hogan vs. Savage was good, and the fodder matches were short and gone.

  2. Down With OPC says:

    I’d go with WrestleMania III, but I’m biased being from Detroit. As such, 23 comes second, as I was there! Third for me would be XIX. There is some slight bias in that one too, as my brother lived in Seattle at the time. I did not fly out to attend though, and I regret not doing so.

  3. Kent Barnes says:

    I’m in total agreement with WMV also. Truly the golden age of the WWF, with such fare as Ronnie Garvin vs Dino Bravo and Andre vs Jake Roberts tearing down Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. I watched the edited Coliseum home video of this on a daily basis. It was also Jesse Ventura’s best performance on a WWF broadcast, as he ripped into Hogan without mercy. Rick Rude’s victory over the Ultimate Warrior was a moment to savor for heel fans, who were starved of rulebreaker success in that era. What a grand event.

  4. ReReallyrPeteGasW says:

    WM IX, as we are on wrestlecrap.

  5. ReReallyrPeteGasW says:

    but in reality, WM X was great.

  6. Justin Ballard says:

    I’m torn between X7 and XIX as both shows were stacked cards. X7 was the pinnacle of the Attitude era and the company was firing on all cylinders. Of course it would all come crashing down with the horribly botched Invasion angle. But on April 1, 2001 the WWF put on an amazing night of wrestling.

    XIX on the other hand was during a time where the WWE was still trying to figure out how to survive in a post-WCW world and often the lazy booking and backstage politics got in the way of the product. But not on March 30, 2003. That year’s WrestleMania is possibly the most stacked show in the company’s history. Angle vs. Lesnar, HBK vs. Jericho, Rock vs. Austin III, Vince vs. Hogan, HHH vs. Booker. It’s almost like five main event matches in a row.

    In terms of actual match quality I’d go with XIX as the greatest of all time. In terms of the company being in peak form I’d go with X7.

  7. BigDaddyDave says:

    I am going to say Wrestlemania X-Seven. It was the end of the end of the Attitude Era and, since they were only 6 days removed from WCW going out of business, the last time WWF looked motivated to deliver an immortal show. The card was stacked top to bottom and EVERYTHING made sense. Here’s my breakdown of the show:
    Intercontinental Title- Chris Jericho vs. William Regal- Solid way to open the show. Outside of a few miscommunications, this match was a great way to get the crowd pumped for the show. Jericho wins in a solid technical encounter. 3/5

    Six man tag- APA and Tazz vs. The Right to Censor- Filler match to get all 6 guys on the card. Your average Raw match for the time period. APA and Tazz win in an okay match. 2.5/5

    Triple Threat match for the WWF Hardcore title- Kane vs. Big Show vs. Raven- Part of me wants to trash this match for being stupid, gimmicky and non-sensical, but I can’t. This is a fun brawl all over the building and backstage. Just hilarious stuff that I’m surprised didn’t show up on Kane wins in an incredibly fun comedy/hardcore match. 3.25/5

    European Title- Eddie Guerrero vs. Test- Maybe one of the more underappreciated matches on the show. Eddie did everything he could to make Test look good in this match. Very solid back and forth match. Eddie picks up the win and the title in a match that has basically been forgotten by most. 3/5

    Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle- Looking back on this feud, I can’t think of a single bad match between them. This was a GREAT wrestling match. The execution and technique was spot on. A pre-cursor for some of the later classics these two would have in 2002-2003. Angle wins in the best overall wrestling match on the card. 4/5

    Women’s title- Chyna vs. Ivory- SQUASH CITY! Ivory got very little offense in this match and was basically steamrolled by Chyna. 2 months later, WWF chose not to renew Chyna’s contract and vacated the Women’s title. Chyna wins in an extremely one sided match. 1/5

    Street Fight- Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon- The feud was as well done as any I’ve ever seen. This match is pure sports entertainment and a heck of a brawl with some crazy spots. Shane-o-Mac picks up the win in a surprisingly great (albeit incredibly overbooked) match. 4/5

    TLC II for the WWF Tag Team Titles- Edge and Christian vs. The Dudleys vs. The Hardys- This was a heck of a stunt show. Undoubtedly the most insane match on the show with all kinds of run-ins, stiff weapon shots, CRAZY high spots, and just utter carnage. E&C win in one of the craziest matches in wrestling history. 4.5/5

    The gimmick battle royal- There’s just something about legends battle royals that make it impossible for me to skip. Maybe it’s the nostalgia. Maybe its morbid curiousity. Or maybe it’s just a need to have a laugh at some old guys’ expenses. Whatever it is, I got a kick out of this match, even though it may have technically been the worst match on the card. Iron Sheik wins in a short and hilarious match. 2/5

    HHH vs. Undertaker- Triple H had just blown off a legendary feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin and had no one to face at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker was coming off of a relatively uneventful 2000 with a new biker Gimmick and about 50 to 60 pounds of pure beer belly and had gotten back into somewhat decent shape by the time this rolled around. This match was great from Motorhead playing Triple H to the ring to the brawl that went throughout the building to some of the incredible nearfalls right down to the finish. Undertaker wins to go 9-0 in a match that doesn’t get enough love. 4.25/5

    No DQ for the WWF Title- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock- What do you get when you cross the best promoted feud in wrestling history with an insanely hot crowd of over 60 thousand? This match. This may be the most epic WWF title match in history with a ton of brawling, drama, a ton of nearfalls, and the shocker of Stone Cold selling his soul to Satan himself, Vince McMahon. Stone Cold Steve Austin wins in, for my money, the greatest Wrestlemania Main Event, and possibly the greatest WWF title match, ever. 5/5

  8. Clifton says:

    I’d have to agree that Wrestlemania 17 and 19 were the best. The match quality and stories being told during both of these shows were amazing.

  9. Clifton says:

    Wrestlemania 2, 9 and 11 were probably the worst.

  10. Sir Thomas says:

    I got to agree with the lot and say WM17.

  11. Nick Nutter says:

    For me it’s actually a toss up between Wrestlemania X-Seven and XXVIII. 18-seconds aside, there were some first rate matches on last year’s card, and it was certainly the best Wrestlemania I’ve seen since X-Seven. (Even the 12-Man Tag was kinda fun to watch.) Sure, there have been good Wrestlemanias since 2001, but XXVIII is the only one I feel that lives up to the Capstone of the Attitude Era.

    Also, XIV is a close third. Lots of underappreciated matches on that one.

  12. Nick Nutter says:

    As far as least favorites? XXVI all the way. I stopped watching until November. (2 Sucked terribly as well.)

  13. Matt Soileau says:

    Hey, I liked ‘Mania 9!

    I’ll go with 17 as well for the best.

  14. Brian E says:

    Tough choice…but in terms of sheer action, I’d take WrestleMania X. Short and sweet, but had good matches from beginning (best WM opener EVER) to end (one of the best WM finishes ever). Best parts (Other than Bret/Owen and Bret/Yokozuna) included Roddy Piper and Mr. Perfect as guest referees, the late Earthquake’s squash against WrestleCrap alumni Adam Bomb, and the HBK/Razor Ladder Match.

    Easily one of the Top 10 WrestleManias, though I’d say Top 5.

  15. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    I’ll go with XIX. Some truly great matches in that one.

  16. Mr. #2derful says:

    Most overrated is XII. Not that anyone picks it as the best, but nobody says it’s one of the worst either. Every year leading up to the Showcase of the Immortals, I watch every WM and this one is the biggest chore. Lousy card and a yawner of a main event. There’s got to be others that find the iron man match virtually unrewatchable.

    My favorite is XIV, which is the kickstarter to the Attitude Era, mostly for Pete “How ‘Bout it?” Rose. I also like
    X-7 because of the kid whose favorite wrestler is the Undertaker and his favorite band is Limp Bizkit.

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