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The WrestleCrap Book of Lists!!

The WrestleCrap Book of Lists!
357 pages, ECW Press
Now Available!

Ever wanted to know the worst career choices pro wrestlers made upon retirement? Or which kung fu chop-socky wrestlers would make Bruce Lee do a backflip in his grave?

The WrestleCrap Book of Lists! has all that — and much more. The gloves are off as best-selling author RD Reynolds and his co-author Blade Braxton pull no punches in looking at some of wrestling’s biggest mistakes, most comical mishaps and most egotistical performers. Among the lists included in this cornucopia of wrestling nonsense are:

• Sights Wrestling Fans Should Never Be Forced To See Again!

• The Greatest Mullets in the History of the Game!

• Porn Stars Who Moonlighted in Wrestling!

• The Greatest Mugshots — Featuring Your Favourite Wrestlers!

• Wrestlers Who You Wouldn’t Want To Bring Home To Meet Mom!

• Pro Wrestling’s Stupidest Hometowns!

• The Things That Vince McMahon Always Wants to Talk About (Half of Which Involve His Genitalia)!

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the book’s craptastic main event: the 25 Worst Gimmicks of All Time.

Irreverent, off-kilter, and certain to be offensive to all, The WrestleCrap Book of Lists! is pro wrestling’s very worst of the worst!


Don’t miss out on the book the authors of it call “The Greatest Book Since The Bible” – get your copy today!

WrestleCrap and Figure Four Weekly Present: The Death of WCW

The Death of WCW
330 pages, ECW Press
Now Available!

“What a truly fantastic reading experience. Exhaustively researched, incredibly entertaining, to put it bluntly – YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK. The Death of WCW is not just the best wrestling book of 2004, it is the best book on wrestling done to date.” – Derek Burgan, Pro Wrestling Torch

“It’s not hard to find case studies about business failures. But it would be hard to find another one with the same kind of bizarre and amusing twists, turns and “what were they thinking?” moments that are featured inThe Death of WCW. ” – Forbes.com

In 1997, World Championship Wrestling was not only the top pro wrestling company in the entire world, but the highest rated show on cable television. Monday Nitro was a staple every week for millions of fans across the country. WCW’s loyal fanbase flocked to sold out arenas, and proclaimed the promotion the savior of pro wrestling. Merchandise flew from store shelves. Sting, Bill Goldberg, and the New World Order became household words, and legitimate entertainment superstars like Dennis Rodman and KISS jumped on the WCW bandwagon. It seemed as if the company could do no wrong.

By 2001, however, the company, having lost a whopping ninety-five percent of its paying audience, was sold for next to nothing to Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment.

The questions behind the company’s demise are numerous. How could a company lose their audience so quickly? Why did they put on shows so horrible that fans fled in horror? Who were the brain surgeons behind the collapse? In short…just what the hell happened to cause the death of one of the largest wrestling companies in the world?

The Death of WCW answers all these questions and more. Authors Bryan Alvarez (Figure Four Weekly) and R.D. Reynolds (WrestleCrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling) take readers through the most detailed dissection of a wrestling company ever. It’s the story that many within the industry don’t want told, as their carefully crafted versions of the truth are about to be shattered.

Featuring behind-the-scene stories, readers will discover the true reason for the ultimate destruction of WCW: equal parts ego and greed, with a whole lot of stupidity thrown in for good measure.

The Death of WCW is NOW SHIPPING from the following outlets:


Amazon Canada

You will not want to miss out on what has become the hottest selling wrestling book in years, so get your copy today!

WrestleCrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling

WrestleCrap: The Book
268 pages, ECW Press

You can now take the ‘Crap with you anywhere – work, school, the toilet, even church! (Just be sure to hide it with a fake cover – the pastor probably wouldn’t take too kindly to the vision of Papa Shango staring back at him.) If you like the site, you’re going to love the book, as it’s 268 pages of the stupidest wrestling characters and angles you’ll ever read about.

Here’s what the critics have to say:

“The most accurate wrestling book of its time. A must for all fans – and wrestlers.” – The Honky Tonk Man

“WrestleCrap will remind you how good the bad really was.” – Sir Adam, Get in the Ring Radio

“Easily the funniest book ever written on pro wrestling – only in wrestling could you hear such hilarious stories about events that weren’t supposed to be hilarious.” – Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly

More Reviews:

Lethal Wrestling

Order Your Copy Today!

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In Canada: Amazon Canada.

Also Available in the UK!: Yes, the book is finally hit the UK, and can be ordered either directly via Amazon UK.


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