WWESHOP Valentine’s Day 2009!

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WWESHOP Valentine’s Day 2009!

RD: “As most of you are reading this, Valentine’s Day is just a scant one day away. And if you’re anything like your old buddy, your old pal, RD Reynolds, you haven’t even begun shopping yet.

Not to worry! Thanks to myself and our friends over at wweshop.com (with their fantastic CUPID 10% Off code), we’ve got you covered. Why just look at all the things our little Leprechaun/Cupid has for your significant other:

WWE Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear

A standard VD classic, a plush, cuddly teddy bear is sure to warm the heart of your sweetie pie. Unless, of course, she can read english and knows what the WWE logo represents. In that case, she’s going to think you’re a total moron, and honestly, you can’t blame her for that one.


WrestleMania 25 Bear

Didn’t think it could get much dumber than a Valentine’s bear? Me neither, but WWE proves us wrong again! The worst part? It says “25th Anniversary” on it. Would someone please explain to these knuckleheads that this is actually the 24th anniversary of WrestleMania?


Randy Orton Gas Mask Shirt

Unless you’re into giving your gal a “dutch oven”, umm, no.

And if you are planning on that, please leave this site and never come back. Thanks.


Boogey Man Glow in the Dark Shirt

This may actually be worse than the gas mask shirt. Actually, if it came with the fur, it may be better, but it doesn’t, so it isn’t. The reviews for this one say it all:



John Cena Belt Buckle

There aren’t a lot of guarantees in life, but this is one you can take to the bank: if you are a male, and you wear this on your belt, a young woman will never remove your pants.


WWE Inflatable Bed

Who needs a Haitian Love Swing when you have a WWE Inflatable Bed?

Who writes these reviews? Aurora Rose Levesque?


Michelle McCool Cell Phone Sock

No, seriously, I really want to know:


WWE VoiceTones

I guess a voice tone is like a ringtone. And while I’m sure having Vickie Guerrero yelling at you when you’ve got a call is good for a laugh, I can’t say the same for Kelly Kelly.

Man that’s grating.

Don’t they have ringtones of entrance themes?


WWE VoiceTones

Yikes, sorry I asked.

Remember, while all these gifts may suck, we still have Official VaginaCrap THONGS for all those most intimate moments.

And yes, those suck too.

Happy VD, gang!

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4 Responses to "WWESHOP Valentine’s Day 2009!"
  1. Jim says:

    Too bad one of the tones wasn’t Michelle McCool “Loving Life” with one of those bouncy beats.

    Poor Vickie can’t even get her catChphrase spelled correctly.

    No search results for valentine or valentine’s on WWEshop, but there are some Bellas charms and bracelets available in the Sale section for under $3, including one that says “Bellas 02”.

  2. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    I’m sitting here five years later wondering why Randy Orton’s shirt had a gas mask on it. I can’t remember anything about his gimmick at the time that would make that a sensible merchandising choice.

  3. 80's Guy says:

    I actually bought that Boogeyman shirt back in the day, and still have it (with sleeves cut off). Only the eyes glowed (and not very well either) and the picture wasn’t a nice, bright red like in the picture.

    Another issue with it is that it fit “weird”. By that I mean that the design kept it from hanging properly and it always looked like you had a beer gut even if you didn’t have one. It fit oddly in the shoulder/sleeve area as well, hence the reason I removed them. Didn’t help too much really.

    Still, I actually liked the shirt well enough to keep it in my collection (which is embarrassingly large; yes, I have a wrestling shirt collection).

  4. Another Dave says:

    Considering the damage young boys can do to socks, putting Michelle McCool’s picture on something and calling it a sock is either genius or the worst idea ever.

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