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Text by “The Big Cheese” Paul Kraft & RD Reynolds – Submit Your Requests Here!

Perhaps like many of us, the mad dash to the Christmas finish line has you, as a parent of a WWE loving child, completely stressed out, unsure of what to purchase.


At WrestleCrap, we got ya covered with our handy dandy Christmas gift guide!

And what says Merry Christmas like a Honswoggle stocking? Great if your kids are being naughty and aren’t buying what you’re selling about Santa’s list. Just wave this thing in front of them, and they’ll act right. If those old Scared Straight videos were to ever appear in stocking form, they would look like this.”

Then we have this little item. That’s right, it’s a BRODUS CLAY Ornament! A delightful mix of a pimp and the snowman from that horrible Michael Keaton movie, it has inspired me to write a song!

There must have been some magic in that fedora hat they found
For when they placed it on his head
He began to job around…

Let’s see, what else could you jam under the tree for the kids this year? How about this?

Yes, it’s a pink camo toddler shirt. Really useful if your toddler is in a combat mission deep in the trenches of Barbie’s Dream House!

What a great parent you’ll be if you put this on your little toddler! Encourage them to become a slutty, talentless hack whose sole reason to exist is to be ogled by horny men!

And finally, we bring you the single greaterst item we could hunt down this year: what appears to be Rey Mysterio if he were played by Eric Cartman.

(Note from Blade: Would that be South of the Border Park?)

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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