Someone MADE This: A child, Legos, and Ken Patera!

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Fellow Crapper Jeff B writes:  “RD, here’s something that you helped inspire: Hungry Ken Patera’s Playset. Hilariously, my eight-year old daughter enjoys some of the late 80s wrestling stories I tell her. So we came up with the idea of bringing Ken’s infamous moment to life with one of my old figures. Izzy came up with the idea of the Closed sign, which I felt was a great little touch. Thanks for all the laughs!”

This is legitimately the greatest usage of Legos to which I’ve ever borne witness.  Bless you and your wonderful child.

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11 Responses to "Someone MADE This: A child, Legos, and Ken Patera!"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    That is awesome!

  2. John C says:

    Now all Kenny needs is a Lego shiv to protect him while he’s in the big house.

  3. CF says:

    There’s a thought: A match where the ring is strewn with LEGO bricks…. >:)

    • Sir Cheese says:

      Wasn’t sure if this was a sarcastic comment or not, but, just in case it isn’t, there actually have been Lego matches in the indies. There is an indie promotion out of Canada called ISW (Inter Species Wrestling). ISW is a promotion that boasts such politically correct characters as Craigslist Homo, Los Dumbf*cks (Dumbf*ck #1, Dumbf*ck #2), Stinky the Homeless Guy, Shitty, and Moohamed the Terrorist Cow. ISW also has characters like Izzie Deadyet (a zombie that wrestles better than the zombie from the first episode of WWECW); Dr. Gene Spleissing (a cat-like animal that is a scientist responsible for creating a lot of the bizarre characters in ISW), Lloyd Cthulowitz (a cross between a giant sea creature and a lawyer), and Giant Tiger (an overweight sex pervert wearing a Tiger Mask mask). Its kind of like Chikara on acid and strictly for adults.

      Anyway, ISW used to have (and maybe still does have) “Fans Bring the Legos” deathmatches. These matches were very similar to Fans Bring the Weapons matches that you’d see in CZW or IWA-MS, but with fans bringing buckets of Legos instead of lighttubes and stuff wrapped in barbed wire. As I recall, the Fans Bring the Legos matches were pretty fun. They may have some clips of these matches on YouTube.

  4. UncleShangalar says:

    I can already hear the awkwardly edited “Hungry, Hungry Ken Patera” theme playing in my head… 😀

  5. The Doctor of Style says:

    An amazing story!

  6. Gerard says:

    why not turn this into a brand-spanking new feature on the website?? sure why not, paintings cartoons or anyother handicraft made by wrestlecrappers??

  7. El Atomico says:


  8. Brad says:

    lmao this is awesome

    The Bobby Heenan doll is responsible for Ken Patera doll throwing the boulder

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