Someone Bought This: Neon entrance from early WWF “Monday Night Raw” episodes

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WWF Neon Entrance 1993

In January of 1993 for the debut of the (sometimes) live WWF “Monday Night Raw” the WWF wanted to make their show look modern, exciting, and cool!

And so, to acomplish they did the most logical, obvious thing…

They bought this horribly ugly, garish, and loud neon entrance set decoration featuring about 9 different, clashing colors and the good old WWF block logo perched right on top- except now it’s no longer classy and dignified like we’re used to seeing it- it was loud, bright, and tacky.

But wait! There’s more!

It blinked and changed color for our visual amusement, because blinky, color changing neon is Uncooked, Uncut, and Uncensored!

Uh, or something like that.

Yes, long before we had the TitanTron showing specialized, highly-produced video clips, this was pretty much it aside from the “multi-screen” thing that showed the wrestlers’ logos.

There’s nothing quite like hearing Yokozuna’s soothing, authentic, and beautiful Japanese flute theme music as Yokozuna waddles down the aisle on his way to squash some poor jobber as neon blinks randomly behind him like he’s about to go hit the nickel slots and catch Wayne Newton’s Midnight Show at The Sahara before checking out the buffet offerings.

Hey!! I bet that URL’s not… Oh, never mind.

Anyway, yes; that was our Monday night wrestling experience in 1993 for the whole hour- ugly neon entrances! You kids today don’t know how good you have it, dangnabit!

Watch one of those early episodes of Raw from the first two years to see it in action.  It’s really the most visually offensive thing on those early Raws (well, aside from Vince McMahon’s bow ties which seems to have come straight from “The Bob Backlund Collection”).

They used this entrance not just for Raw, but for some Pay-Per-Views , house shows, and any TV taped at Raw, like matches for Action Zone. It was impossible to escape this hideous thing.

I wonder how much this neon entrance cost them to have made? You have to figure at least a couple grand, right? Something simpler (not to mention cheaper) would have really looked much better.

It lasted all the way until early in 1995 when it was fortunately retired for something that wouldn’t blind WWF viewers on a weekly basis.


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26 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Neon entrance from early WWF “Monday Night Raw” episodes"
  1. TMC says:

    I actually have to disagree with this someone bought this. This neon entrance way was really good imo. And I also feel it symbolized the era, more than what they were using prior(blue curtain with WWF logo).

    It also really made the smaller venues WWF were performing in, seem more lively. For instance if you would have just had a blue curtain and a WWF logo, in these smaller venues, it would have really accentuated how the company had fallen in terms of popularity and stature.

    I believe this entrance way debuted at Wrestlemania 8, and then in late 1992 they started using it on Wrestling Challenge.

  2. James S says:

    Dude if I had a bar in my house, guess where the Raw entrance would be going? 🙂

  3. James says:

    Dude, did your wife run off with a neon lights manufacturer? So they had a neon entrance in the 90’s. It wasn’t THAT bad. Heck, Giant Gonzalez wasn’t THAT bad.

  4. Down With OPC says:

    Aww man, I was hoping it was actually for sale, we could have all pitched in to buy it and replace the front door of the RD Reynolds household with it!

  5. Down With OPC says:

    Also, they should bring this back the next time they have Old School Raw.

  6. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    Eh, I don’t think it’s too bad. (oh, side note: it’s entrance)

    I thought this actually went up for auction on eBay or something. I don’t care how much it’d cost, I’d buy this.

  7. John says:

    I’d still have to go with Rob Bartlett being the most offensive thing on the early Raws,

  8. John Q Occupier says:

    I too was a little disappointed that this wasn’t actually on sale. Sure, I couldn’t have afforded it and would have had nothing to do with it, but…

  9. BeaverCleavage says:

    But who bought it? And how? And for how much?

  10. Stefan says:

    I attribute a certain degree of nostalgia towards the neon entrance set. It was a fine example of the garish quirks that made wrestling so vibrant in that period. Much like WCW’s obsession with combining yellow and blue for their colour schemes, or Jeff Jarrett wearing some sort of barcode instead of a shirt.

  11. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Attention Crappers! Wrestleview has broken the news Tony Dawson has left the WWE – YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YYYYYYYYYYEEEESSSSSSSS!

  12. Sean says:

    This should be at Wrestlecrap HQ!!!

  13. Fartmeiser says:

    I actually have nostalgia love for the 90s WWF neon entrance.

  14. The Doctor of Style says:

    Barnum & Bailey would’ve killed for that neon arch.

    While I think Paul’s summary is on the money, it’s interesting how a lot of folks are fond of it. Personally, I liked when Raw switched from the neon to the giant R-A-W entrance (the one Sabu jumped off).

  15. Escape says:

    Oh man I LOVE this entrance! Seeing this, I hear Mike McGuirk’s voice in my head and immediately start thinking back on 92/93. I was in grade 6 and was at the absolute height of being a wrestling fan. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to watch old Coliseum tapes or Challenge episodes from this era. This neon entrance takes me right back to being so unbelievably excited about all things WWF.

  16. drunkenmaster says:

    Hey, I actually liked this one! Maybe I just love pure wrestlecrap, you be the judge…

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