Someone Bought This: Wrestlers + these stickers = awesome.

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John Cena Lisa Frank stickers Stone Cold Steve Austin Lisa Frank stickers The Rock Lisa Frank stickers

As seen on Tumblr….

new aesthetic: wrestlers photoshopped over lisa frank stickers

I’d like to think that Mrs. Deal and Triple Kelly would go for these.

And probably Peter Gazer, too!

Oh heck, I always thought Lisa Frank stuff was pretty awesome and really creative.

Besides, adding kittens and goldfish in bowls only makes The Rock that much cooler!

Dear Lisa Frank Company and WWE,

Please make these posters a reality! People would totally buy these!


Big Cheese.

(I’m kind of surprised they haven’t made Divas posters with Lisa Frank backgrounds, now that I think of it…)

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2 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Wrestlers + these stickers = awesome."
  1. John C says:

    Speaking of fantastical things I’m wondering has the Cena & Dolph vs Barrett & Kane tag team match from Japan ended yet. I got up at 5:30am yesterday to watch the show and after the 30th hour of the “main event” tag it hadn’t seemed to end. it would be great for Kevin Owens to cut a promo on Cena and show that picture on the Titantron.

  2. Adam X says:

    We’re only one creative meeting away from Cena wearing a Lisa Frank t-shirt so it’s a possibility.

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