Someone Bought This: “Oh Lovely Lita, Meter Maid…”

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WWE Attitude Era DVD

It’s the WWE Attitude Era DVD, complete with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band parody cover.

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover

Because when I think of The Attitude Era from the late 90’s, I think of a Beatles album from the late 60’s…



Yeah, I don’t get it either, dude. P.S- Sorry you missed out on The Attitude Era. You were way ahead of your time. You rocked us with your carefree Rock ‘n Roll attitude!

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24 Responses to "Someone Bought This: “Oh Lovely Lita, Meter Maid…”"
  1. John C says:

    It’s Vince we’re talking about here it makes total sense. In the 80’s he found out about Elvis so he had The Honky Tonk Man so naturally in the 90’s he finally finds out about The Beatles and presto you get that. Can’t wait for 2020 to come and Mr. MacMan finally discovers The Rolling Stones it should be a treat when Dick Bragger makes his Raw debut and Kevin Owens is forced to put him over.

    • Raven7309 says:

      Hey, let’s give credit where credit’s due. Honky Tonk Man was wrestling as “Honky Tonk Wayne Ferris” in Stampede Wrestling and other promotions long before Vinny Mac signed him to wrestle in the WWF.

      • John C says:

        Yes, was well aware of this. The point was how Vince is regarded by people around him to be behind the times when it comes to other things going on culturally.

        • Thomas Moffatt says:

          Nah, Vince will learn about another rock band who acquired a modicum of success by the name of Queen and Adam Rose will be reborn as the effeminate frontman of ‘King’, Eddie Venus…

  2. The Doctor of Style says:

    I see they slipped the Mae Young hand in at the bottom. Not sure how the chicken, pink clown, and dogs are supposed to say “Attitude Era”. And given that era, I don’t want to ask.

  3. Geoff says:

    If we are going by what Vince is thinking then 90s songs should be the entrance music to future generations of wrestlers as Cult of Personality was to CM Punk.

  4. Jim Hrbacek says:

    The “chicken” is a cock…D-X joke.

    • 80's Guy says:

      Yeah, I remember they released that DX shirt that said “Vince Loves….” with a picture of a rooster (cock) underneath.

      I don’t know why they would think that was a viable merchandising option….. I wonder how many of those actually sold?

      • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

        Probably a lot to 12 year olds.

      • the14thListener says:

        Glad I missed that shirt. With that, the “Va-Chyna” and Val Venis “dripping semen” shirts, you’d have quite the wardrobe for the world’s most socially inept, overcompensating virgin. Heck, custom print a reproduction of the HLA “box + tongue” one too.

  5. The Doctor of Style says:

    Just noticed: GTV made it onto the cover!

  6. Geoff says:

    Talk about creepy, who is that guy/figure in the lower left corner on Paul Bearer’s jacket. Looks like someone who is doing that upside down chin talking/singing thing.

  7. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Wasn’t there a guy called George Ringo or something and was a wrestling Beatle in the 60’s? Surprised Vince didn’t try to sign him…

  8. AK says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Mike Tyson is the only celeb to make it onto the cover. Yes he is probably the most famous of the era, and arguably was a proprietor of it all but I think Pete Rose should be on the cover too!

    Between getting beat up by Kane and being on the receiving end of a stink face by Rikishi, I’d say he earned that much.

    Plus I think Test, Steve Blackman and Ken Shamrock should be on there.

  9. MistaMaddog says:

    How did I survive watching the Attitude Era? I got HIGH with a little help from my friends…

  10. Mr 'Excitement Personified' says:

    If you play that DVD backwards, you can clearly hear HHH saying; ‘I buried ’em all’.

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