Someone Bought This: Come sleep inside Hulk Hogan- he’ll keep you safe and warm, brother!

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WWF Hulk Hogan sleeping tent 1992

From 1992, it’s the Hulk Hogan Sleeping Tent.

Just crawl inside, get inside your Hulk Hogan sleeping bag…

WWF Hulk Hogan sleeping bag

…grab your Hulk Hogan flashlight…

Hulk Hogan flashlight 1

…and you’re all set!

WWF Hulk Hogan tent sleeping bag flashlight

When you’re a kid, tents are just fun to sleep in- even if it’s just in your back yard or your own living room.

If I had been a 6 year old Hulkamaniac in 1992, I would have been begging my parents for this thing!

This WWF Merchandise Catalog scan comes from @WWFMagArchive on Twitter.

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15 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Come sleep inside Hulk Hogan- he’ll keep you safe and warm, brother!"
  1. J says:

    My brother had the sleeping bag

  2. Sean Bateman says:

    There is a Yakov Smirnoff joke here, but I do not want to get gonged or chirped.

  3. Mr 'Excitement Personified' says:

    Who else thought that said ‘Hulk Hogan Fleshlight’?

  4. John Q Occupier says:

    I’d rather sleep inside a dead tauntaun, thanks…

  5. John C says:

    If only there was an Earthquake version of this. It would be a real John Tent-a.

  6. says:

    at least hogan hasn’t been charged with pedophilia charges, otherwise this would be even creepier than it already is

  7. Geoff says:

    Hold on, they are coming.

  8. hobu0 says:

    The hulk hogan sleeping bag I received as an Xmas presebt is still at my dad’s place to this day

  9. Sean Wilkinson says:

    The Hogan sleeping bag looks uncomfortably like the A side of a “dakimakura” body pillow…

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