Someone Bought This: Coliseum Video t-shirt from Barber Shop Window

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Coliseum Video t-shirt

Our good buddies and good pals at Barber Shop Window have all sorts of funny, creative, and unique wrestling-related t-shirts, but this Coliseum Video t-shirt in particular caught my attention.

How cool (and nerdy) is that? I just love how obscure it is because a good 99% of the people who see you wearing it will have no idea what Coliseum Video was, or why you’re wearing it.

Those are the best kind of wrestling t-shirts!

So, please go check out their entire line of wrestling t-shirts and pick something up for yourself.

And no, Barber Shop Window didn’t ask me to post this, and nobody here at WrsetleCrap makes a dime off of their sales. I just love their sense of humor and wanted to make sure you Crappers saw all of their awesome stuff.

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Coliseum Video t-shirt from Barber Shop Window"
  1. Sir Cheese says:

    I have this shirt (wore it yesterday, actually). I was wearing it the other weekend, and I ran into to a few people I know from work. They actually thought that Coliseum Video was a porno company (I guess b/c the shirt is purple?) and thought I was a pervy weirdo until I explained what Coliseum Video was.

    My favorite BSW shirt is the green Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase Tuxedo shirt. That one is awesome!

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      You sir are my Crapper hero of the day. 🙂 And yes, that Tux-shirt is indeed awesome.

  2. TheSaintOfPain says:

    I believe I may have to buy the “I Lost My Smile” shirt. That one really made my day.

  3. TMS says:

    I want the Monsoon/Heenan 2016 shirt. Actually I want at least 90% of those shirts. Too bad I can’t afford them!

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