Someone Bought This: A customized wrestling figure of yourself!

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I just found this and absolutely had to share it with you, fellow Crappers!

This website allows you to make your own custom action figure in either gender, and dress it pretty much any way you want- a business person, professional, sports figure (baseball player, football player, etc), or yes; even a Pro Wrestler!

You pick the body type/gender, ethnicity, outfits, accessories, hair, and so on and you can even customize the blister card packaging. 

How awesome is that? You could get one for yourself or buy one as a gift for a friend or loved one. Check it out!

If this had been around when I was a kid, I’d have jumped at the chance to make a figure of myself and have “me” face off with my Hasbro WWF figures!

(Just a disclaimer that I’ve never dealt with them, ordered from them, nor contacted them myself so I really can’t speak for their customer service or the quality of the product, but I’m sure they’re a reputable company). 


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7 Responses to "Someone Bought This: A customized wrestling figure of yourself!"
  1. Frank In New York says:

    they actually advertise this in WWE magazine itself. looks pretty sweet actually.

  2. Bone White says:

    or alternatively for me these days, just take a Honky Tonk Man figure and draw a few grey bits on the hair………..

  3. Zeez says:

    I hope they can manage to fit in all the muscles that I totally have for reals, especially the extra couple of abs. Also, how big can they make the crotch? This is something I need to know before I move forward with this purchase.

  4. ajene says:


  5. Ryan Mignardot says:

    Can someone create my Ryan Mignardot action figure please!

  6. Rod Destiny says:

    Looking to get a pro wrestling action figure done of myself.
    Can I please have price qoutes

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