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Christmas Present from C. Thomas Howell

Blade Braxton: As mentioned on the radio show, I received a X-Mas gift from C.Thomas Howell. For those who do not remember, he was the star of the horrid 80’s movie, Soul Man, in which he plays a white guy who pretends to be black in order to receive a scholarship into Harvard. For the role, the pale Howell had to put on a bunch of black face and wear a fake Jeri-curl, and looked totally ridiculous in the process…

Now, here’s where the Layla / Soul Man joke comes in. First, take a look at everyone’s favorite “deever,” Layla, as seen here with the rest of Extreme Expose. Note that her skin tone is exactly the same as the other two girls.

In fact, Layla as of late almost looks paler than most of the divas who are tan-a-holics and fake bake everyday…

So, when it came time for Jakks to make the official Layla action figure, what did they do? They gave her a Jeri-curl and made her look like she dipped herself into C.Thomas Howell’s black paint he used in Soul Man…

The action figure looks nothing like the picture of her seen on the Jakks packaging. In fact, she looks like such a clone of Howell, she should’ve been marketed as “Layla in C.Thomas Howell Soul Man disguise.” Too funny.

Thanks to C.Thomas Howell for the gift, and for the laughs!

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