WrestleCrap Radio – RD & Blade Show – For Blade

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As you have probably heard, Blade passed away on March 28. Let’s celebrate all the laughs he brought us with his final recorded appearance with RD Reynolds. We love you and miss you, Blade!

You can find out about the funeral service by clicking here. I am being told it is being streamed. Thank you for everyone contributing to the GoFundMe. You are all wonderful and his family very much appreciates the assistance.

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Yeah, you know...the WrestleCrap guy. Been here since before day 1, I have. You can hang out with me on Facebook. (I'm on there quite a bit) or follow my exploits on Twitter (I'm on there not quite so often). Thanks, and Keep on Crappin'!
10 Responses to "WrestleCrap Radio – RD & Blade Show – For Blade"
  1. TV's Mr. Neil says:

    Thank you, RD. Thank you, Blade. For two decades of decadence.

  2. Golgo 13 says:

    Don’t know what ya got till it’s gone indeed. Miss you Blade.

  3. Alvin says:

    Thank you Blade for all the laughs you’ve given me, those stories and silly characters you’ve “introduced” us to that just made the show so entertaining (intentional or not!) I usually listen to WCR during every big pay-per-view, or while I’m working on something. Always makes my day better. It was heartbreaking to learn of the news, but I’ll take great comfort in knowing Blade always wanted to make us laugh..

  4. Ryan Green says:

    Wrestlecrap radio was my first podcast I listened to regularly. I had not watched wrestling in years but it didn’t matter. I was always so funny. in 2011 My city (Christchurch, New Zealand) was hit with an earthquake. Very uncertain times, I had one of the april fools shows on my phone and would listen to it all the time, It was the one where you guys did the Mike Check show for the entire show, I loved how you even had radio ads from the 70’s . That show helped me through a very tough episode. Anyway, I’m still stunned to hear about Blade and was sad but happy to hear his voice on this episode. Keep on Crappin’.

  5. Spac18 says:

    Blade’s death was a terrible birthday present for me. RIP, thank for the laughs

  6. Lanny's Perm Juice says:

    So many laughs. So many memories. So many bad days that got a whole lot better just from listening to two goofs ramble on about cereal. It still feels like part of my brain won’t stop telling me “You don’t go to WRESTLE CRAP DOT COM to get upset. You go there to laugh. Therefore, this can’t really be happening.”

    If I can share my own favourite little memory of Blade… I used to have a boring, real-life Facebook page, solely at the request of my boring, real-life job and my boring, real-life family. But I still had Blade on my Friends List. A co-worker once came up to me and asked, with genuine concern in their voice, “Have you seen that someone called Blade Braxton keeps liking your posts? You know, you can block people who do that.” I just burst out laughing and they had absolutely no idea why.

    And I also want to sincerely thank you, RD. You were a great friend to Blade, and you were both great friends to us all over the years. He will be dearly missed.

  7. SaviorGabriel says:

    I remember downloading episodes of WrestleCrap Radio, putting them into my PSP’s Memory Stick, and play them through my PSP plugged into my old car’s cigarette lighter for whenever I’d go on my long shopping trips. While the setup wasn’t the best as some audio clarity was sacrificed, it was well worth it really enhancing the whole experience. Now I can just put it to a USB thumb drive without the whole roundabout method. WrestleCrap Radio was the first podcast I listened to. It’s given me plenty of joy, and laughter throughout the years. Wherever it may go from here, just know you got a listener for life no matter what.

  8. Retired Dubya says:

    I wanted to say that I’ve been a fan of the Wrestlecrap Radio show for many, many years, even though I don’t really watch current wrestling, and haven’t for a long time. I’ve been on the WC forums since back in the EZ- Board days circa 2003-ish I think. Being from Detroit, born and raised, I always would get a kick out of Blade rooting for the Lions over the years. He hit me up once and asked me to portray Brother Hood at a show he was going to be at in town.

    I got the news from a mutual friend and couldn’t believe it. Thanks for all of the laughs. I listened to the most recent show while at work last week. While it saddened me to know Blade is gone, I smiled and laughed at the happiness and joy he seemed to have while doing the episode. Last week, I posted a humble attempt at a haiku in the Wrestlecrap Forums. Rest in peace, Mr. Braxton. You will be greatly missed by many.

  9. Scott D. says:

    RD – I am so sorry for your loss. I did not hear of this news until this past weekend, as I stay off social media and wrestling sites, and am several episodes behind in all my subscribed podcasts.

    I think I tried the Wrestlecrap Radio podcast in early 2009. I visited the site every so often but had really just started discovering wrestling podcasts. I don’t know if I started with this episode, but I recall it was the one where you reviewed The Wrestler where I got hooked. At a point in the discussion, you brought up that this was the best wrestling movie that you had ever seen, and that it shouldn’t be compared against wrestling documentaries like Wrestling with Shadows. And Blade agreed, offering up this:

    Blade: It’s like, I like watching documentaries on polar bears on the Discovery Channel…but its not better than f%@kn’ Star Wars…or I guess Empire Strikes Back with Hoth and the ice and snow–

    RD: Did you throw out your back reaching for that one?

    I am basing that dialogue on memory but I think it’s pretty close. I don’t know why, but that exchange between you two cracked me up and I’ve been a listener ever since. Loved Angry Jim and Nintendo John. I have re-listened to the Mt. Braxton’s Neighborhood April Fool’s show from a few years back many times. And “hey/timeout, real quick” has now become a regular part of my vernacular.

    To echo what the others have said, thank you for all the memories and laughs. May he RIP.

  10. Chris Calderon says:

    This is has been so hard for me to process fully. I can’t believe he’s gone, just like that. It’s really terrible. He brought so much sincere and earnest laughter to the show and my life during tough times as well while struggling financially in California in 2009-2010. It was such a relief to listen to his impressions and just crack up. I’ll never forget that Virgil speech on Masterpiece Theatre I was rolling so hard from that!

    His Al Pacino was pretty damn funny too! This hurts so much RD! There’s really not enough words to write. I could really write all night about the skits you guys did. You both inspired me to be more gonzo on my own podcast and do a trip to the fast food restaurant when a unique specimen came out to try.

    RIP Blade ‘The Legendary Midnight Rose’

    I didn’t know you, feel like I did because of your sincere honesty. So rare a thing these days. I’ll miss you so, so much! Nothing is forgotten.

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