WrestleCrap Radio Episode 259!!!

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wctop40Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars with this very special episode of WrestleCrap Radio!

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Yeah, you know...the WrestleCrap guy. Been here since before day 1, I have. You can hang out with me on Facebook. (I'm on there quite a bit) or follow my exploits on Twitter (I'm on there not quite so often). Thanks, and Keep on Crappin'!
4 Responses to "WrestleCrap Radio Episode 259!!!"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Big fan of Casey Kasem and this made me laugh my ass off! Nicely done, boys! Blade.. er… Mr. Casem sounds like he could be a host on NPR!

  2. Al Boondy says:

    Wow, left all the swearing in … 😉

    I like the new song, but “Didn’t Know He Was Sick” should’ve gotten the number one spot.

    • Blade Braxton says:

      Tough Top 10 to sort out…a lot of “classics” were left off. Even “Idiots In Cars.” 😉

  3. Down With OPC says:

    I want this all on cassette.

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