WrestleCrap Radio 292!

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RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton don’t have time for tomfoolery this week what with the WrestleCrap Madness Tournament and all, so they turn the reigns over…but to WHO?

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Yeah, you know...the WrestleCrap guy. Been here since before day 1, I have. You can hang out with me on Facebook. (I'm on there quite a bit) or follow my exploits on Twitter (I'm on there not quite so often). Thanks, and Keep on Crappin'!
8 Responses to "WrestleCrap Radio 292!"
  1. Guy Incognito says:

    Not sure if this year is the time for the April Fool’s prank with a podcast full of bird noises.
    Bad look, and does not play well in any market.

  2. John C says:

    Best Wrestlecrap moments, the annual holiday events. But to question whether Wrestlemania should be held or not, unthinkable!!! After all how could we miss the epic sure to be 7.8 star match involving Otis vs Dolph Ziggler? Forget Steamboat-Savage, Razor-Shawn, Flair-Taker, or even Doink-Crush this will be the showstopper pitting large doughy man vs guy who probably wants to go to AEW. Thanks to the longest running episodic sometimes wrestling related show to bring some levity into a real crappy time. New segment idea, Don Mason: Frog King.

  3. Chris the Bambikiller says:

    Guy Incognito: Why?

  4. Al Boondy says:

    Any “easter eggs”? I didn’t bother trying to listen to the whole thing, so if they snuck something in the middle, I would not be aware of it …

    • JyriErik says:

      Well, maybe not sneak something into the middle, but the bird did more than just squawk for one segment.


  5. Sgt. Tubs says:

    The finest deconstruction of the audio medium I have ever heard. The Guy above must’ve been listening to something else.

    Here’s to 20 more years, RD and Blade!

  6. Sean Bateman says:

    20 Years of Crap???? DAMN

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