WrestleCrap Radio #274!!!

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RD and Blade are back to talk reverse vasectomies, the Flexing Dutch Oven, the return of David Arquette, and a great new charity drive, Becky Lynch Dolls Across America!

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Yeah, you know...the WrestleCrap guy. Been here since before day 1, I have. You can hang out with me on Facebook. (I'm on there quite a bit) or follow my exploits on Twitter (I'm on there not quite so often). Thanks, and Keep on Crappin'!
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  1. Sean Bateman says:

    RJ and Brad, I mean RD & Blade
    Crickets chirped at a Braxton joke
    Patreon shll
    Death of WCW panel shill
    Wrestlecrap panel shill with Mr. Apter and Oscar from M.O.M.
    RD in Holland
    Krankor laughing at a good Braxton joke
    Flexing Dutch Oven
    RD laughing at a Braxton joke
    No Mike Check (Thank fucking god), Angry JR
    Current Wrestling News
    RD n Blade love them some Becky
    The WCR Three Count
    Becky Lynch Dolls Across America
    WCR Haiku

    No big news from Blade
    Gay Popeye! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!!
    A Braxton jokes
    The mentioning of that Gayda Match
    mention of WBF
    Ryback renting hs townhouse
    David Arquette back in the ring
    BM Punk
    No Stubby, Don. Don Mason, Midnight Rose, Honky Tonk Mailman
    Ultimate Feces Championship
    Blade singing Hard Times
    No one is buying Becky dolls in Indy’s TRU
    John Cena’s Reverse Vasectomy

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