The Return of the WrestleCrap Mailbag…now in AUDIO FORM!

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After over fifteen years, the WrestleCrap Mailbag is BACK…but now in AUDIO FORM!

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Yeah, you know...the WrestleCrap guy. Been here since before day 1, I have. You can hang out with me on Facebook. (I'm on there quite a bit) or follow my exploits on Twitter (I'm on there not quite so often). Thanks, and Keep on Crappin'!
3 Responses to "The Return of the WrestleCrap Mailbag…now in AUDIO FORM!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    RD’s Mailbag needs to be a weekly thing. If I was a heel manager, I would use Deal With The Devil by Judas Priest. Plus, Bryan Alvarez should take Hobo’s spot during his filming for WCR.

  2. "Vagabond" Jonathan Jacobs says:

    I Touch Myself? Really?

  3. Anthony says:

    I used to love the Wrestlecrap Mailbag back in the day! Every Friday back when I was in college (going back to 2002), I used to look forward to the mailbag! It was fun seeing you respond to people who defended Triple H getting that push that he really didn’t deserve when fans were tuning out in droves after Katie Vick!

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