The RD and Blade Show: Episode 21!

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RD bemoans his hapless Reds as the boys talk all things…wrestling?!!

Yes, believe it, it’s true!


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8 Responses to "The RD and Blade Show: Episode 21!"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Lord Goldie Goldust Vs. Bobba Foot. License To Print Money!(™)

  2. John says:

    In a shocking story it was finally revealed that the pictures in Baby Doll’s envelope were of Dusty Rhodes and a certain sack of flour. The American Dream commented on this situation, “Look here honestly me and my sweeeet sack of flour we were doin’ nothing but baking that’s all. I swear on the honor of all my Bunkhouse Stampede trophy boots I have. And no Lex you still can’t have one you are not a cowboy!!!!!!!! Now excuse me I have some cupcakes I need to tend to…IN PRIVATE…if you will.”

  3. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Finally, the Freezer Auction saga will come to an end!

  4. The Great Sudoku says:

    Cueeee-to Cueee-to. The last time the Pirates were in the playoffs was 1992. The last time the Reds were in the playoffs was last year. As a Pittsburgher, I can identify with the 40,000 at PNC Park who had something to cheer about for the first time in 21 years. It goes beyond just making the playoffs, this was the first time the Pirates finished ABOVE .500 in the last 20 years. Blade, when your Royals finally make the playoffs again, I have a feeling the atmosphere in Kansas City will be very similar to what went down for the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh.

    Omg, the baseball bunch! I remember seeing that in syndication. back in the days when pro wrestling was on ESPN. God times.

  5. jkh11546 says:

    these shows keep getting better and better keep up the gret work guys

  6. John Nelson says:

    Blade doesn’t like Mighty Wings? I think they’re great. This is coming from a guy who has attended 2 grand openings of Buffalo Wild Wings.

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