Roddy Piper with RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton!

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Truly one of the greatest moments of my life.  Here’s a link to when I was somehow a guest on Piper’s Pit.  Still can’t believe it.

Thank you…no, THANK YA, Roddy.

And I’d be remiss to not post when Roddy invaded WrestleCrap Radio in a completely unscripted, unplanned, and altogether awesome event.  You can access that here!  And if you want even more, how about Roddy’s Halloween tips and then Roddy’s updated Halloween tips with Blade here!

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  1. RVM Kai says:

    RD, I’ve just uploaded Roddy Piper’s two appearances on Wrestlecrap Radio on Youtube. (The first was Piper giving his updated Halloween tips for 2011, the 2nd was a run-in on WCR’s Reunion show at The Days Of The Dead convention in 2013.) Check them out here:

  2. J says:

    Good By Roddy you will be missed

  3. kmtown says:

    I just watched ROHs tribute to RRP, and there was a photo of Roddy with a masked wrestler holding a red rose, and also having a red rose on the forehead of his mask. Any relation to the Midnight Rose?

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