RD Reynolds Joins The Kritter’s Den Wrestling Podcast!

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RD goes in depth with discussions of the history of WrestleCrap.com and his friendship with Blade Braxton! Check it out by clicking here!

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Yeah, you know...the WrestleCrap guy. Been here since before day 1, I have. You can hang out with me on Facebook. (I'm on there quite a bit) or follow my exploits on Twitter (I'm on there not quite so often). Thanks, and Keep on Crappin'!
6 Responses to "RD Reynolds Joins The Kritter’s Den Wrestling Podcast!"
  1. John C says:

    Very enjoyable interview.

  2. Kritter says:

    Thank you RD for posting this, I am Brendon “Kritter” Kinion, the interviewer, and it was a great honor to have RD on my show, to all you who have listened and/or downloaded this since it has been posted, a heartfelt THANK YOU to you all!!!

  3. Kritter says:

    Check out other episodes at http://www.spreaker.com/user/8258284

    Thanks to RD for the permission to promote on his site – Kritter

  4. Kritter says:

    You can also find, subscribe to, and download the Kritter’s Den Wrestling Podcast on iTunes!

    The Kritter’s Den Wrestling Podcast by Brendon “Kritter” Kinion

    The Den is also available on iHeart Radio

  5. #OPC says:

    This was pretty cool. Going into that Starrcade/Mania question, I did guess Sid!

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