Eric Bischoff Threatens to Castrate RD. Seriously, Not Joking.

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I don’t even know what else to say.  I know he doesn’t like me, but this is a bit over the top.

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11 Responses to "Eric Bischoff Threatens to Castrate RD. Seriously, Not Joking."
  1. John C says:

    There’s only one thing left to do to stop that no good Eric Bischoff dude, it’s time to call on the big dog to watch your back. More accurately, the big bird, Sting’s Guard Bird!!!! Easy E will be so frightened he won’t be able to appear onstage and without their leader WCW wiil crumble all over again. That way Eric can’t choppy choppy your pee pee.

  2. Jon Milne says:

    Are you prepared with follow-up questions and answers to the defenses Bischoff will almost certainly make of WCW’s failings? Be sure to hit the guy hard on especially how the ratings gap kept increasing to ridiculous levels, including for segments where ex-WCW mid-carders appeared on WWE programming and popped significantly higher ratings than the old-timers. And of course, the Fingerpoke of Doom, the countless iterations of the nWo, the absurd mismanagement of Goldberg, and the “wrestling age” (as you pointed out excellently in your book) of the old-timers who kept hogging the top spot, would all be excellent stuff to hit Bischoff with?

    • Tempest Fennac says:

      Didn’t he blame an inability to copy the Attitude Era due to Turner Standards and Practices for falling ratings in Controversy Creates Cash? I know Death of WCW mentioned one meeting where he told people that they were going to avoid going down that route because the WWF would lose the war once their sponsors got fed up so it seems like something that he came up with after WCW’s demise.

  3. D-Unit says:

    Maybe call Jay Leno or Arquette to have your back, they’ve both pinned him

  4. C Boz says:

    Me thinks this is a job for the greatest bodyguard of all time, WCW’s own MR HUGHES!

  5. Mitch says:

    Guess Eric’s looking to replace the dick he lost being up Hogan’s ass for so long.

  6. Mister Glen says:

    I bet that URL isn’t taken.

  7. thepwbposter says:

    Eric won’t stand a chance against the great Death of WCW Book, he just has to move on, sure his Controversy Creates Cash book is also a good read but we the loyal fans here your back RD. It may not be the millions and millions, but the dozens and dozens (or so as the great Mankind once said).

    Just wear a cup dude

  8. Cuthbert says:

    If he castrated, you, sorry about your penis.
    If he didn’t, congratulations.

  9. John Moore says:

    Will you have authorization to show the panel on the site for those of use without the benefit of flash photography…I mean who couldn’t go to All In?

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