For Crappers with Archive Access ONLY – RD Rails on Eric Bischoff!

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Here’s some fun for my fellow Crappers with Archive Access – I’ve uploaded my response to all the garbage Eric Bischoff has been saying about me. This will be posted at some point in the Event Center for Starrcast, but I figure why not give my TRUE supporters a sneak peak? 

So yeah, log into the archives and let me know what you think!  And if you don’t have archive access yet, well, what are you waiting for?

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12 Responses to "For Crappers with Archive Access ONLY – RD Rails on Eric Bischoff!"
  1. Marvelous says:

    Oof. Putting your reply to criticism from a free source behind a paywall. It’s not a good look. I know Bischoff is full of crap but RD is going to get owned. Bischoff is a born arguer and RD doesn’t even get that calling women skanks 8 times an entry is no longer acceptable. This is going to be a bloodbath.

    • RD Reynolds says:

      It will be out to the world when Starrcast puts it in their Event Center. This is just a perk for those who have supported us.

      As for Bischoff “owning” me…we’ll find out I reckon in about a month. 😉

      • Marvelous says:

        Bischoff admits he’s a liar, as recently as his table for 3 just a couple of weeks ago, and he comes across as one. You co-wrote a book that had a lot of dropped narratives, questionable facts and even said the Berlyn character would have gotten over (I stand by the belief that literally nobody has any idea how a gimmick will get over in wrestling, but that’s another debate). The difference is Eric sticks to his lies and he doesn’t back down. So it’s two people with questionable credibility debating 20 year old matters. Save your money people, read the reviews, and let Art handle the inductions from now on

        • RD Reynolds says:

          What are these “questionable facts” of which you speak?

          • Marvelous says:

            Sorry allow me to clarify, as that came across as a shot at you.

            I guess a statement more related to my point would be you wrote a book about wrestling, a topic in which all facts are questionable due to the nature of the topic and thus more open for debate than most other entertainment topics.

            Top of my head as to facts that did make me go “Yeah, sure” were : hogan agreeing to lose to Goldberg if he was the one to end the streak (only heard that one from others when they quote your book), Wrath was “over”, and some specifics regarding the plans for the invasion.

            • RD Reynolds says:

              Fair enough. Wrath being over is obviously a matter of opinion. The other items were told to us by those who would know, but as always, there’s three sides to every story…

  2. John C says:

    I ordered the package on Fite to watch all the Starrcast events and am looking forward to this in particular. Perhaps bringing in Stubby as the third man could be a good secret weapon, it is fitting since Eric usually had Hulk’s hand up his ass.

  3. Christopher Haydu says:

    Thank you, RD. I knew from the moment I donated that archive access was worth its weight in gold. I’ll check it out today.

  4. Charles Belles says:

    Very nice touch referencing the promo Eric did about Vince in WCW, sir.

  5. Rob Barberio says:

    How do you access it after you log in? Thank you.

  6. Mikey Likes It says:

    I’ve been reading since day one, and this is my first comment. I am UNNATURALLY bothered that when Bischoff says, “me,” he points to the camera, and when he says, “you,” he points to himself.

    That said, love the site, have the books, and you all are my favorite part of Thursday nights. You should wear a G.I. and black belt for your debate, RD! Art, I love your writing. Please update your website more often! Once every few weeks isn’t enough!

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