WrestleCrap Power Crappings Week XXII

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Once again, WrestleCrap is back with its brand new, weekly interaction, in which Our Loyal Crappers decide what the worst in wrestling was for the past week. They can choose gimmicks, storylines, news stories, or anything else that constitutes “Crap”, and the votes are tallied in order to determine the WORST in wrestling…..at least for this week!

1. Dolph Ziggler loses World Title in first PPV defense (NR)

I admit, this one looks silly atop the leaderboard, given that it led to a much needed double turn. So much for Del Rio being the big Latin draw, eh?

2. Sting promises a new “Main Event Mafia” (NR)

This would be No. 1 if we knew for sure Kevin Nash was returning. But if it means more Scott Steiner, then you clowns voted for it for no good reason.

3. Stephanie McMahon’s acting (NR)

That horrid segment in which she pleaded with a stubborn Hunter was enough to make Raw viewers mistake turpentine for whiskey, perhaps willingly.

4. The Vickie Guerrero Hardees product placement (NR)

Pseudo-commercials on Raw are bad enough as it is, but involving three utterly inane characters in the name of unfunny broad humor is a bit much.

5. Triple H vs. Curtis Axel, June 10 (NR)

Someone explain the angle where Vince and Hunter are either struggling for power or worried about long-term health, or something. It’s as non-linear as puke.

6. Sheamus as a babyface (6)

I can’t wait til next week, when his Brogue Kick hotline is nominated. Then I get to write *two* Sheamus entries! Probably in the top five, too!

7. Miz as a babyface (9)

He came to play, and play he did, breaking The Undertaker’s streak! This might just be the year of the Miz. The anti-year, that is. Congratulations, Miz!

8. Alabama athletic commission imposes several odd rules for wrestling (NR)

Can’t use foreign objects without permission? All ring attire must be “clean”? Somewhere, Cowboy Bill Watts is retching in his ten-gallon hat.

9. WWE overpromotes the App (3)

You know, Raw was solid last night. Imagine how much better it would be if we weren’t inundated to download this apparently life-changing app.

10. Bo Dallas as NXT Champion (NR)

Has there ever been such a disparity of charisma between brothers? Bray Wyatt is gold, whereas Bo is as interesting as a rusted napkin holder.

11. TNA doesn’t pay for Zema Ion’s medical bills (NR)

It’s just beating a dead horse at this point. I know TNA doesn’t have WWE’s money and connections to rehab facilities, but still, this feels just a little bit wrong.

12. Kevin Nash stirs up CM Punk fans on Twitter (NR)

It’s easier to just ignore him and let him fade, rather than feed his warped mind. Do not feed the bear; he can buy his own food. As well as Grecian formula.

13. Shield’s first clean loss is on regular TV instead of PPV (NR)

This one won’t mean much, but with the old way of thinking, they could have made the first six man loss a bigger deal. But eh, que sera sera.

14. Curtis Axel’s push consists of fluke victories (2)

Well, he can win triple threat matches by being sneaky, and he can beat Sin Cara. Then again, so can every other half-assed-pushed heel in WWE.

15. Crimson, away for a year, has chance to qualify for BFG Series (NR)

He lost to Joseph Park, but still, it speaks to the thinness of a roster that Crimson can be MIA for so long, and still have a theoretical chance like this.


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27 Responses to "WrestleCrap Power Crappings Week XXII"
  1. patricko says:

    Why NOT job Crimson to Joseph Park? You knew Park was going to be part of the BFG Series? Might as well job someone expendable.

    Am I the only guy here who can’t stand Steiner? ESPECIALLY if he’s allowed to use a microphone?

    Thought about the Ziggler loss, after watching RAW last night, and realized that, for a change, it all made sense. I wish I had voted for Del Rio as a face instead….

  2. The Gold Standard says:

    With Alabama, Maryland requires the same thing. Weapons need to be on an approved list (so that injuries to fans can be avoided) and clean gear because of health risks. I don’t like the government getting involved where the boys will take care of most of that….however, I see the reason (XPW jumps to mind)

  3. ScMcS says:

    How does Ziggler/Del Rio from Payback register as the worst thing of the week? Ziggler became the ultimate sympathetic babyface from it, Del Rio turned back into a despicable heel willing to stoop that low to win the title, and the match was pretty good, too.

  4. Paul says:

    What makes matters worse for the Shield’s first loss is that it happened on Smackdown, and therefore, no one even saw it. People probably think they’re still undefeated.

  5. Sir Thomas says:

    Heck, I’ll vote for The Brogue Kick Hotline right now if it helps.

  6. AlexanAdru says:

    Wait there’s gonna be a Brougue Kick hotline? wow just wow. The thing with Ziggler/ADR is that while the double turn is good for both men it could have still happened without Ziggler losing his title. The loss, while getting him over (hopefully) as a sympathetic babyface WWE cut his knees out from under him so to speak. Also Corey Graves a would be a much better NXT champion than Bo because Graves is actually interesting, and can cut a pretty good promo.

  7. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    “But if it means more Scott Steiner, then you clowns voted for it for no good reason.”

    Somehow, I don’t think he’s ever going back to TNA.

  8. TerrierChad says:

    Let’s be honest, the IWC is very quick to have a go at something they don’t instantly like but this is silly. It was pretty obvious during the match on Sunday what was going on with Ziggler and Del Rio. Jumping on it like that just seems to me like complaining about something for the sake of complaining. I do see the point that the double turn could be done without Ziggler losing the title but I think it make him more sympathetic if he’s lost his title and needs to regain it.
    But anyway, perhaps folk need to stop jumping the gun.

  9. Bender says:

    I didn’t vote so I shouldn’t complain, but I’d imagine much of the dislike/hatred for Ziggler dropping the title like that was that he held the briefcase for months, finally cashed in on the best Raw in a year, immediately got hurt, was off TV and as soon as he was back dropped the strap. The possibility of a first time ever babyface Dolph chasing a title, with a heel girlfriend, and Big E in the mix…almost too many good possibilities for even the E to screw up.

  10. Combsy says:

    I wanna Know how WW is Making Ziggler a Face while still keeping AJ & Big E heels unless they have AJ dump Ziggler for Big E (Which would probably also make hime even more sypathetic as a babyface)

  11. Twix says:

    Assuming Face Ziggler wins the World Title back at the next PPV and gets a nice face run with the belt then I don’t see what the problem with the Del Rio/Ziggler Payback match. I’m just hoping that don’t break up the ZigELee trio just yet because there’s a lot potential there with the clashing alignments.

    As for having the Shield losing on Smackdown, I actually agree with the decision. People complain that nothing ever worthwhile happens on Smackdown so having the Shield take their first loss there is a good way to make people more interested in the program. With how strong the Shield has been booked it’s not like the Shield can’t afford to take a loss at this point either and the undefeated streak had pretty much run its course.

  12. BaltoJim says:

    I can’t believe I skipped over the Triple H/Curtis Axel match when voting this week. Vinny Mac stealing the ring bell to keep “Paul” from restarting the match was the most crap-tastic thing that happened by far.

  13. MisterSpiffy says:

    Can i make a very early vote for the Gooker by nominating the Triple H Nipple H and Vine storyline as worst of the year?

    • Jerichoholic Ninja says:

      Agreed. With the year half gone, the McMahon storyline has emerged as the only real gooker contender so far (and no, The Miz isn’t a Gooker contender. He’s just a wrestler pushed with the wrong character and in the wrong way. There have been dozens of similar pushes over the years).

      • The Cabana Formerly Belonging To Carlito says:

        Do the Sandow “I shall challenge my rival with intellectual games” vs Sheamus “I am clearly inferior to these challenges, I know, I’ll Brogue Kick the crap out of them” count?

    • hobu0 says:

      Stephanie’s ridiculous burial of all the divas on Raw just added more fuel to that flame

      • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

        Yeah, apparently it was based on someone (a diva?) interrupting her once backstage. I thought it was really out of place and weird.

  14. Walter Kovacs says:

    The Ziggler/Del Rio double turn is a good thing, and getting the belt off Ziggler in the process is necessary. There is more money in the chase than in having a face champion. It’s unfortunate that Ziggler is now a two time champion that has lost the title so quickly twice (this time, he only had the injury keeping the belt on him so long). Probably, if not for the injury, Ziggler would have successfully defended in the triple threat before losing to Del Rio here (then again, it’s unknown if they would have even thought of the double turn without the concussion giving them an injury to build off of).

  15. Lee W says:

    Sadly enough I still find Sheamus & The Miz easier to like than Santino Marella

  16. Paul R. from SpookCentral.tk says:

    We should all remember the words of the late great Curt Hennig and the West Texas Rednecks: THE APP IS CRAP!

  17. Charles says:

    I’m already dreading the Vince/Steph/Hunter telling Vickie three different things to do crap. It was annoying enough on Monday.

  18. Nazirul_Takashi says:


    I’m sure this will be No.1 on Next Week’s Rankings…

  19. smarker33 says:

    heard a rumour ziggler is jumping ship to tna with swagger and fandango,is this tgtbt?

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      No way Fandango will jump. Actually that whole rumor sounds like typical newz site crapola.

      • Alan says:

        HAHAHAHA! No way this would EVER happen. Fandango won’t jump b/c WWE owns the rights to the name. Ziggler won’t jump seeing he’s near the top of the card in WWE. Swagger can go lisp and bore his way through TNA.

  20. anoynomous says:

    Why is ziggler/del rio number 1 dumb

  21. Ewa Beach Boy says:

    The answer is Barry and Kindell Windham to the question ‘Has there ever been such a disparity of charisma between brothers?’.

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