[VOTE] WrestleCrap Power Crappings Week XII

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Here’s how it works:

-Choose five (5) of the nominees below (or if you have another nominee in mind, you can add that to your list)

-In an e-mail to Justin Henry (wrestlecrapjrh@gmail.com), rank your five selections from the worst (in your opinion) to least-worst. (NOTE: we’ll soon be working on an interface to make this more convenient. Sorry that copying and pasting is sooooo hard for some of you!)

-Any of last week’s Top 15 are fair game for you to still vote on, even if the angle has been somewhat abandoned, or has dissipated. This is known as “Unfading Crap Stench.”

And that’s it! Votes will be accepted up until midnight EST tonight. The Top 15 (or bottom 15, as it were) will be revealed tomorrow.


1. Triple H kicks Wade Barrett in the crotch

2. Madden 13 incident with Stevie Richards

3. The Rock doesn’t mention WWE in appearances in media

4. Soap opera writers chosen over Paul Heyman

5. Charlie Haas/ROH incident

6. Fandango

7. Constant shilling of WWE App

8. Miz as a face

9. Extreme Rising cancels spate of shows

10. Mr. Anderson’s crazed clubhouse tirade

11. John Cena, Rock engage in legends’ debate

12. Brad Maddox

13. Semi-active HHH ‘retires’ if he loses at WM29

14. Tony Dawson

15. WWE overpromoting its movies

8 person tag scrapped at WrestleMania

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

Diddy performs at WrestleMania

Maria Menounos inducts Bob Backlund into HOF

Miz vs. Wade Barrett moved to pre-show

CM Punk dumps contents of urn on Undertaker

The Miz beats Prime Time Players in handicap match

WWE initially chose to omit Mick Foley’s speech from TV version of HOF

TNA Knockouts reduced to being groped by Joey Ryan

Sabu/Pro Wrestling Syndicate incident

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6 Responses to "[VOTE] WrestleCrap Power Crappings Week XII"
  1. Thomas Moffatt says:

    5) Miz as a face 4) Brad Maddox in particularly him replacing Regal on NXT 3) Michael Cole’s commentary at WM 2) Return of Khali-Horney-Natalya (Superstars) and 1) the Triple H v Lesnar snooze fest… no way should the eight person tag be on there, WWE should have been applauded for that because I’m used to them taking it out on one of their usual punching bags such as Daniel Bryan (see WM27 & 28 plus season 1 of NXT, Wrestlecrap highlights this in the 2011 Gooker of the year, too)

  2. Down With OPC says:

    How about Rock not showing up for Raw tonight?

  3. Shawn Doc Girt says:

    Ryback vs. Mark Henry/TNA Knockouts reduced to being groped by Joey Ryan/8 person tag scrapped at WrestleMania/Diddy performs at WrestleMania/WWE initially chose to omit Mick Foley’s speech from TV version of HOF

  4. Noel Frey says:

    WWE Live stream crashing at the start of the pre-show and being available 2 hours later, a full hour after the event had started. It started from the beginning of the event, but that meant I and others were an hour behind everyone else and had to stay off Twitter, etc. for fear of spoilers.

  5. Jackwagon says:

    1) HHH going over Lesnar
    2) The exploitation of Paul Bearer’s death for the Punk/UT angle
    3) UT going over Punk (Hmm, who should win the match–the guy who’s older than dirt and whose schedule makes Santa look like a workaholic, or the guy who was champion for over a year?)
    4) 8-person tag getting taken off the card
    5) Live stream crashing at the start of the pre-show

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