[VOTE] WrestleCrap Power Crappings, Week VI

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Here’s how it works:

-Choose five (5) of the nominees below (or if you have another nominee in mind, you can add that to your list)

-In an e-mail to Justin Henry (wrestlecrapjrh@gmail.com), rank your five selections from the worst (in your opinion) to least-worst. (NOTE: we’ll soon be working on an interface to make this more convenient. Sorry that copying and pasting is sooooo hard for some of you!)

-Any of last week’s Top 15 are fair game for you to still vote on, even if the angle has been somewhat abandoned, or has dissipated. This is known as “Unfading Crap Stench.”

And that’s it! Votes will be accepted up until midnight EST tonight. The Top 15 (or bottom 15, as it were) will be revealed tomorrow.

1. IOC contemplates cutting wrestling [-]

2. Zeb Coulter [-]

3. Sunny cut off from rehab by WWE [-]

4. Rock’s stolen car story [-]

5. Miz as a face [3]

6. Great Khali/Hornswoggle/Natalya [-]

7. Alberto Del Rio dumps paint on Big Show [-]

8. Brooke/Bully Ray [9]

9. Fandango [8]

10. Punk/Angle/Pope controversy [-]

11. WWE App crashes [1]

12. Mysterio’s surgeon facing serious charges

13. Dancin’ Tensai [5]

14. Rhodes Scholars split [7]

15. Kofi loses to Barrett despite Barett being injured [-]


Jack Swagger’s DUI/marijuana arrest
New WWE title design
Aces and Eights
Jack Swagger wins the Elimination Chamber
Vince McMahon challenges Paul Heyman to a fight
WWE, TNA get in on Harlem Shake trend
The Rock struggles to get through World Title match
The Continued Jobbing of Kofi Kingston
Sheamus awkwardly disrupts Wade Barrett’s movie promo
Hulk Hogan blames Bret Hart for “hurting” main event
Brad Maddox, assistant to the managing supervisor
Big Show wins dull three-match gauntlet on Main Event
Party Marty and the Blossom Twins

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5 Responses to "[VOTE] WrestleCrap Power Crappings, Week VI"
  1. Shawn Doc Girt says:

    WWE, TNA get in on Harlem Shake trend/Hulk Hogan blames Bret Hart for “hurting” main event/Aces and Eights/The Continued Jobbing of Kofi Kingston/Vince McMahon challenges Paul Heyman to a fight

  2. Big wiggle says:

    Miz as face

  3. StylesSshT BSty says:

    Couldn’t there just be a poll each week with write ins as an option? You couple maybe even make the results hidden…

  4. David Powell says:

    Brahs, it has to be the Olympics wanting to Drop Wrestling. Badminton over wrestling? Seriously? Wrestling was a sport even before the Olympics, and every nation I can think of has some kind of wrestling tradition. There are a couple sports whih are in my opinion fads or obsolete. Wrestling endures because it is done so many places and by so many people.

    It’s True.

  5. Down With OPC says:

    What is this Marty Party thing? Martin Crane did that on Frasier.

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