[VOTE] Power Crappings Week XI

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Here’s how it works:

-Choose five (5) of the nominees below (or if you have another nominee in mind, you can add that to your list)

-In an e-mail to Justin Henry (wrestlecrapjrh@gmail.com), rank your five selections from the worst (in your opinion) to least-worst. (NOTE: we’ll soon be working on an interface to make this more convenient. Sorry that copying and pasting is sooooo hard for some of you!)

-Any of last week’s Top 15 are fair game for you to still vote on, even if the angle has been somewhat abandoned, or has dissipated. This is known as “Unfading Crap Stench.”

And that’s it! Votes will be accepted up until midnight EST tonight. The Top 15 (or bottom 15, as it were) will be revealed tomorrow.


1. Semi-active HHH ‘retires’ if he loses at WM29

2. Soap opera writers chosen over Paul Heyman

3. WWE overpromoting its movies

4. Miz as a babyface

5. Fandango

6. Brad Maddox

7. Uso falsely reported to have committed second DUI

8. HHH rips Heyman’s clothes off

9. CM Punk steals Paul Bearer’s symbolic urn

10. Hogan claims he wanted Sting in WWE in 1987

11. Jack Swagger still not punished for arrest

12. Knockouts refuse to work TNA One Night PPV

13. Pancake Patterson

14. Brooke and Bully Ray

15. Tony Dawson

Triple H kicks Wade Barrett in the crotch

The Rock doesn’t mention WWE in television, red carpet appearances

John Cena, Rock engage in legends’ debate

Garett Bischoff’s clueless wrestling

Mr. Anderson’s over-the-top tirade against Jeff Hardy in Aces and 8s Clubhouse

Extreme Rising cancels spate of shows

Stevie Richards ordered to return Extreme Rising title after challenging Danny Doring to Madden ’13 title match

Great Khali/Hornswoggle/Natalya

Charlie Haas/Ring of Honor incident

The Rock panders via giant Hershey’s Bar

Carlito continues passive aggressive anti-WWE tweets

Constant shilling of WWE App

NOTE: No write-ins for anything regarding Reid Flair will be accepted. It’s “crappy” that he died, but that doesn’t belong in what’s essentially a mock/gag list

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8 Responses to "[VOTE] Power Crappings Week XI"
  1. Shawn Doc Girt says:

    Semi-active HHH ‘retires’ if he loses at WM29/Soap opera writers chosen over Paul Heyman/Carlito continues passive aggressive anti-WWE tweets/Stevie Richards ordered to return Extreme Rising title after challenging Danny Doring to Madden ’13 title match/John Cena, Rock engage in legends’ debate

  2. Juice211 says:

    Making Antonio Cesaro yodel should be on this list….

  3. BaltoJim says:

    How about Aces & 8s’ portable clubhouse? One could kind of see them having a secret clubhouse near the Impact Wresting Zone. But now that TNA is doing its shows on tour, the “clubhouse” is a folding table in a corner somewhere in the arena’s basement. Last week, it looked like they were holding a meeting in a broom closet.

  4. Big wiggle says:

    Hhh kicks Barrett in the nads,miz as babyface,hhh retirement, hogan bogus sting claim,rock doesnt mention the wwe

  5. MrMaddog says:

    Same stuff as last week, only add both Extreme Rising entries. Seriously, first they pull out of a show that was planned for months (unwisely scheduled on WM weekend) and then take the belt from the champion who’s willing to defend it in a video game match to give the fans what they want.

    Go home Shane, you’re drunk…

  6. Down With OPC says:

    “Stevie Richards ordered to return Extreme Rising title after challenging Danny Doring to Madden ’13 title match” This sounds like a headlie!

  7. patricko says:

    Could Stevie / Doring have been an April fool’s joke?

    And I’m outta the loop, obviously, but.. besides Haas deciding to retire, and doing the job for some guy on his way out, was there some other RoH incident involving him?

  8. patricko says:

    Oh. Never mind. Just read up on it. Seems Charlie’s not been playing very nice with the other kids, and maybe doing his best jake the snake impression in the ring, during a show, wasn’t such a good idea.

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