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12 Responses to "Pro Wrestling Desecrated: STU HART SPECIAL!"
  1. Troy Lowe says:

    Look up “Stu Hart versus tiger” on the interwebs for the story behind this weeks cover.

  2. RD Reynolds says:

    Cannot put into mere words how much I love this one.

  3. Emerson Witner says:

    Is it possible to not do a Stu Hart impersonation every time you see the man?

  4. Troy Lowe says:

    I’m seriously tempted to make this into a real coloring book, but who would buy it?

  5. Raven7309 says:

    Fathered 12 kids.
    Ran a successful wrestling promotion for over 40 years.
    Both his son Bret, arguably the greatest Canadian wrestler of all time, and Stu himself, enshrined into the WWE HOF.
    A member of the Order of Canada for his years of charity work.
    On a per capita basis, probably turned out more main-event caliber wrestlers through the Dungeon than any other wrestling school in history.
    Wrestled Terrible Ted the wrestling bear.

    But this, the “Stu Hart Colouring Book”, where he is strangling a tiger by forcing his hand down its’ mouth??!! This is why Stu Hart is more of a “man’s man” than the toughest wrestlers past, present, and future could ever hope to be.

  6. John says:

    “BINGO! BONGO! BUNGO! It’s me Ed Whalen saying the inspiration for this cover was Stu going after that no-talent son of his Bruce. My lord that kid really sucked, take those freaking sunglasses already you d-bag. Alright I need to call a Sylvester Ritter match. BINGO!!!!!!!!!! BONGO!!!!!!!!!!! BUNGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  7. George from Dudleyville, NY says:

    Does anybody else notice the uncanny resemblance of Stu Hart with actor Martin Sheen on this cover? Is this specific mag real? I’ve owned most if the apter mags that were spoofed. This looks more like Martin Sheen reaching down Charlie Sheens mouth for drugs (I mean he runs on tigers blood right?). Aplogies to those offended by my humor. I know a few are a bit sensitive on these boards. Being new I don’t wanna step on any toes of the Wrestlecrap veterans. Lol

  8. No Pants Mafia says:

    I love it so much!

  9. TheImpostor says:

    Martin Sheen? Well, possibly…

    I was thinking Cary Grant, myself; circa North By Northwest.

    And of course, this immediately needs to be made a real thing; get to it, internet!

  10. Sean Bateman says:

    As a Western Canadian wrestling fan, I’d soooooo endorse this!!!!

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